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Nice socks

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BarchesterFlowers Sun 29-Jan-17 09:24:02

Where can I get them? I used to have loads wool, cashmere, bamboo. Tweedy wool etc.

Things I didn't mind seeing the top of with my short boots on.

beanfilledfish Sun 29-Jan-17 13:46:27

I quite like Esprit socks

OCSockOrphanage Sun 29-Jan-17 15:21:41

Corrymoor mohair. Especially the Companion style. Warm, good range of colours, really warm, wash well as long as you don't tumble dry hot, and blissfully comfortable. Sadly, not cheap but you will get 5 or 6 years wear out of each pair. Bliss for feet.

OCSockOrphanage Sun 29-Jan-17 15:22:18

And, no, they are not scratchy.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 29-Jan-17 15:43:06

Thank you both, I will look at those, I bought some really nice fair isle British made wool socks from sock shop earlier. I had no idea sock shop still existed.

SugarLoveHeart Sun 29-Jan-17 15:45:26

I like Elle socks, from TK Maxx. High cotton content is what I look for.

SugarLoveHeart Sun 29-Jan-17 15:46:32

Sock Shop. I'm surprised too! Remember Knickerbox? And The Sweater Shop...

hecallsmebunny Sun 29-Jan-17 15:58:40

TK Maxx is great for finding good socks!

BarchesterFlowers Sun 29-Jan-17 16:04:27

I do Sugar, sadly, the wool and cashmere socks I am replacing were bought from Sock Shop when they had branches everywhere in London.

£25 a pair for socks shock but if they last me 15 years again I won't complain.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 29-Jan-17 16:07:15

I am not much of a shopper bunny, when we go into town it isn't to shop generally. I looked at t k maxx online and they only have 4 listings for womens socks.

GrumpyOldBag Sun 29-Jan-17 16:09:52

Falke make the best socks.

Expensive, but worth it.

AmeliaPeabody Sun 29-Jan-17 16:12:44

I like Avoca socks. Not to all tastes, however.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 29-Jan-17 16:12:55

I have got some Falke socks, their current designs are not the look I am after.

AmeliaPeabody Sun 29-Jan-17 16:14:30

I like the look of the Corrymoor socks

blueskyinmarch Sun 29-Jan-17 16:15:57

I buy Green Treat socks from TK Maxx. They are bamboo ones and feel lovely on

rosybell Sun 29-Jan-17 16:20:08

Braintree bamboo socks are lovely

applesandpears33 Sun 29-Jan-17 16:21:31

I like the Pringle ones that Costco sell.

gingercat02 Sun 29-Jan-17 16:25:27

I like boden socks and powder ones too (but I do like everything powder make)

SugarLoveHeart Sun 29-Jan-17 17:46:55

Yeah, TK is the sort of place where you have to go in & have a good root around. I've actually never tried it online!

SugarLoveHeart Sun 29-Jan-17 17:47:58

I got some Avoca socks for Christmas. Lovely!

Lucysdiamonds Sun 29-Jan-17 18:39:19

Boots do nice bamboo ankle socks.
TK Maxx ?

bingohandjob Sun 29-Jan-17 18:52:57

Merino socks - plain John Lewis ones.

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