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100% Cashmere Pashmina Dilemma

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Kathmandu12 Fri 27-Jan-17 22:37:41

I was given two vintage 100% cashmere shawl. I have never had cashmere in my life.

How do I wash them? How do I dry them? How do I take care of them?

Is this too much responsibility? :P

Kathmandu12 Fri 27-Jan-17 23:07:01

How do I wear them?

Kathmandu12 Fri 27-Jan-17 23:07:56

One is red/gray, the other is violet.

LavenderHills Sat 28-Jan-17 01:37:33

You need to get some cashmere/wool wash (Cote Noir is very good) and wash them in cold water, either by hand or on a hand wash setting if your washing machine has one. Dry them flat, and out of the sun. This will prevent them from stretching (if hung) or shrinking/fading (if left in the sun.) Get a de-piller or an electric fabric shaver to deal with pilling. I know this sounds a lot, but cashmere gets better and softer with age if you look after it properly. Love it, and it will love you back!

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