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Skinny fat

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Hoppityfuckingvoosh Fri 27-Jan-17 09:14:16

After months of stress I am officially the lightest I've been since I was 17.

I've always been a comfy size 12 and now I'm still that on the bottom (bloody hips and huge thighs) but much smaller up top. I'm now 9st 1lb, 5 foot 2 and a half.

The problem is that everything I own looks a bit rubbish. My shape up top has shrunk but my hips/thighs have stayed the same so now the contrast between the two just looks...ridiculous.

I've always had big thighs/hips so can't wear skinny jeans as they look awful. Every top I own accentuates the largeness of my hips. Empire line dresses used to look ok because they hit at the smallest part of my waist but now what goes over my thighs/hips leaves masses of materials up top.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can wear or where I can shop to find clothes that are cut to minimise the beastly hips? I'm small but don't exercise (no time) so there's a tummy and love handles that need concealed too.

SemiPermanent Fri 27-Jan-17 09:31:59

Congrats on losing the weight!

In all honesty, your hips & thighs most probably don't look as bad as you think they are.

The worst thing you can do sometimes is to try and hide them - bizarrely, tops that stop at your hips are actually quite flattering if they are fitted enough to show how small you actually are everywhere else.
Wrap-front style tops or something that isn't loose at the bottom look good - so a thin knit jumper which is comfortably loose but with a proper bottom hem bit - something which is snug round the hip iyswim?
Steer clear of tunic style tops or anything that comes down past the curve part of your bum.

Stay away from skinny jeans completely- they're massively on the way out anyway, and do no favours to bottom heavy shapes at all.
High waisted jeans are everywhere at the mo which are great for your shape - lots of baby-bootcut styles are around too (but wear them longer, not ankle swingy).
Slightly flared jeans look good on a pear shape if you're wearing a hip length top too.
The relaxed fit boyfriend cropped (rolled up) jeans look nice too.

(Just my opinion btw - I'm sure proper mn style & beauty-ers will have better suggestions!!).

everdene Fri 27-Jan-17 09:43:37

Sorry for your stress flowers

I'm similar measurements to you and find that when I lose weight it goes from the top of my body down, so I look a bit drained!

If you do decide you like your new weight and want to 'match up', it will eventually even out for your shape.

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