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The Ghd 'why are they not so hot anymore' mystery solved (Horizon BBC2 The Secrets of Hair)

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Gotbills2pay Fri 27-Jan-17 08:13:58

I've seen various threads asking why the old Ghd s appear to work better than the newer versions. On BBC2 the other night there was a scientist from Ghd explaining that they had discovered that the safest temperature - the maximum at which the inner bonds of hair can cope without breaking - was 180 degrees, and their straightners used to be 220 degrees. Obviously people don't want to wreck their hair. But I thought the programme was really interesting! I have newer Ghds which I used to curl my hair!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 27-Jan-17 08:23:26

I was so disappointed with the programme , nothing I didn't know already and loads of waffle about cheap shampoo not having much conditioner in it- no shit Sherlock!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 27-Jan-17 08:24:30

Makes sense about GHD's though.

Formerpigwrestler9 Fri 27-Jan-17 10:24:49

It was mostly fluff wasn't it, but some interesting things

FoodGloriousFud Fri 27-Jan-17 11:08:11

I'd be interested to watch this does anyone remember the name of the programme?

FoodGloriousFud Fri 27-Jan-17 11:08:38

Just saw it's in the title!!!!

LucyCallaghan Fri 27-Jan-17 21:31:38

It's weird that though, because I swear my hair is in much worse condition using the new style than it ever was with the old ones. Maybe it's because I have to go over and over it to get it straight now, which I never used to have to do!

HoHumming Sat 28-Jan-17 00:25:11

I have the old one. Does that mean I shouldn't be using it or better still as they have presumably undertaken their own research, can I send my existing one back for a newly regulated one?

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