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Please help me get my hair clean!

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plimsolls Wed 25-Jan-17 16:52:21

My hair is very thick and our water pressure is woeful so I find it really hard to get my hair properly clean in the shower, particularly because my baby limits the time I can spend washing my hair.

My hair never feels fully clean, it's often lank looking, no shine, and there's build up on my scalp. It's infuriating!

I was wondering if anyone had any tips or know of any products that might help? Either a good shampoo that washes out really easily or some knack to rinsing that I haven't thought of. I'm sure I read something about bicarb or apple cider vinegar but I don't know how good they are or what you need to do.

I'm currently using Pantene clarifying shampoo once or twice a week to strip out residue. This rinses out ok but it leaves my hair a bit knotty and dry and puffy.

I already use leave in spray conditioner so that I don't have to worry about washing out conditioner.

I would be very grateful for any wisdom!

sanitygirl Wed 25-Jan-17 17:26:41

This Phyto shampoo is fantastic. I would avoid anything containing silicons (dimethicone etc) as they will build up on your hair andmake it look more lank, so perhaps check the leave in conditioner. The phyto shampoo is quite conditioning as well so you may be able to do without?

sanitygirl Wed 25-Jan-17 17:26:59

Sorry forgot to add link to shampoo

sanitygirl Wed 25-Jan-17 17:28:02

You could try this instead of a leave in conditioner - I use it and love it
I have no affiliation with phyto - just really rate some of their products!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 25-Jan-17 17:29:44

Vosene and stick your head under the kitchen tap.

TobleroneBoo Wed 25-Jan-17 17:36:06

Head and shoulders itchy scalp. It's a 2 in1 so saves time and my hair has never felt so clean

Don't have an itchy scalp I just pinched it from DPs shelf

ilovewelshrarebit123 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:47:48

Redken cleansing cream is very good.

That Pantene is a bit harsh so maybe you're stripping it too much?

I use Alberto Balsam, it's only £1 and brilliant!

Cakescakescakes Wed 25-Jan-17 17:50:47

I second the redken one. It is AMAZING. alternate with a regular shampoo.

plimsolls Wed 25-Jan-17 19:40:48

Thank you! These are great suggestions. o might see if I can get samples of some of them. I can def get H&S mini bottle from boots and I'll investigate the others online. Never heard of the cleansing cream so I'm intrigued. I'd forgotten about Phyto...I used to have some Phyto 9 years ago, it was great.

Thanks again smile

HeyMacWey Wed 25-Jan-17 19:42:03

Do you wash your hair upside down? I find that really helps to get it clean.

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 25-Jan-17 19:47:29

if in a hardwater area: vinegar rinse.

HowardMoonsJazzTrumpet Wed 25-Jan-17 19:51:09

Thirding Redken Cleansing Cream. Seems to do a good job of clarifying without stripping hair or ruining my scalp. I only use it once a week (or less) but my DD uses it more regularly and has no problems.

plimsolls Wed 25-Jan-17 19:57:44

I don't wash upside but I'll try that tomorrow. It's a good tip, makes a lot of sense.

I do live in a hard water area. I was just reading about that and wondering if that could be part of the problem (I googled the redken cleansing cream and a few links led me to stuff about the impact of hard water on hair)

I was just reading about vinegar rinses- does anyone know if it's essential to also use distilled water with the vinegar? If so, would that be the stuff that comes out of the tumble dryer? That would be handy...

Redken cleansing cream reviews are amazing.

Cakescakescakes Wed 25-Jan-17 21:05:32

The reviews are justified! I had horrific waxy clumps in my hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to all the hormonal fluctuations. The Redken was the only thing that shifted it (I tried everything - baby shampoo, vinegar, fairy liquid - you name it!). It's a bit expensive but you need a tiny amount so a bottle lasts for months and it smells all citrusy and zingy.

pimmsy Wed 25-Jan-17 21:08:54

Could you get a jug? I have good water pressure , but I still like to fill a jug of warm water and add a little vinegar and rinse my hair with it. It's quite a nice feeling I find.

EnidButton Thu 26-Jan-17 00:51:05

Just wanted to add, I use the Pantene clarifying shampoo every other wash but always use a moisturising shampoo afterwards, before heaps of conditioner on the mid lengths and ends. The Pantene is good for oily roots and for getting rid of product build up (I use Moroccan oil on ends) but it's very stripping and I wouldn't like to use it as my only shampoo.

BusterGonad Thu 26-Jan-17 05:04:50

I too love Vosene but it strips my dye out like a bugger. It does feel super clean though and the anti nit one for kids it's the bomb!

Liiinoo Thu 26-Jan-17 08:50:51

My hairdresser recommended mixing 50:50 shampoo and vodka to strip build up from hair. Not on a regular basis but as and when needed.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 26-Jan-17 10:03:57

I think it's a huge mistake not to use conditioner after shampooing.

Conditioner will coat each hair strand so they move smoothly over each other (ie non tangly swishy hair) and will give you the shine you're after.

Spraying leave in conditioner is probably not cutting it.

My tip for getting all the shampoo out? Use less shampoo, lather and rinse WELL. I agree with a pp, stand leaning over the bath with head upside down using a hand held shower if possible. Then comb through conditioner and rinse again.
As long as your baby is safe and comfortable, it doesn't matter if they are crying or grizzly for a few minutes while you do this! smile

Cakescakescakes Thu 26-Jan-17 15:42:23

I like the herbal essences conditioner in a green bottle - called shine something I think? It rinses really clean and works well. Not heavy at all.

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