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Wash out pink hair dye

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PiazzaDelPoppolo Tue 24-Jan-17 23:08:59

Has anyone used the 1-2 week wash out L'oreal Colorista hair dye? I have a hankering for either blue or pink hair. However, my work dress code won't allow it. I have a week's holiday coming up and thought I could maybe put in a wash out colour just for the week.

I've got dark blonde hair with lighter highlights throughout it.

Has anybody tried these washout colours ? And would you recommend them?

PiazzaDelPoppolo Wed 25-Jan-17 22:16:26


MrsGsnow18 Wed 25-Jan-17 22:29:08

I haven't tried those particular dyes but I've heard that highlighted (bleach hair) is much more porous and can sometimes hold on to the colour for longer.
Read carefully, it might say to avoid on bleached or freshly bleached hair.
Any chance you could test a mid section or under section that would be hidden from work before you have your week off?

Ponks Wed 25-Jan-17 22:52:29

I've used the Schwarzkopf raspberry temporary hair dye.. it hangs around a long time!

CheshireChat Thu 26-Jan-17 00:27:06

I wouldn't unless you're prepared to dye your hair dark if it doesn't come out.

Sometimes even sprays can stain the hair, particularly if light blonde or porous so as a PP I'd steer clear.

iamapixiebutnotaniceone Thu 26-Jan-17 00:49:56

The pixie Lott dyes wash out really quickly

lloydlf76 Thu 26-Jan-17 00:51:40

Could you use hair chalks instead? My son uses them in the evening and weekends and even in his dark hair gets a good colour and they wash out easily.

NewPantsforaNewYear Thu 26-Jan-17 12:59:14

I haven't tried those dyes, but there are various methods you can use to strip colour if it doesn't come out when you need it to.

Start with Head & Shoulders shampoo and if that doesn't work well enough you can move onto things like a Vitamin C treatment.

Lots of advice on this forum:

PiazzaDelPoppolo Thu 26-Jan-17 16:14:54

Thanks for the advice - I think I'll leave it for when I've got longer off work to give it chance to wash out.

scaredofthecity Thu 26-Jan-17 16:17:15

Yeh they really don't just wash out unfortunately

chriskingsland98 Fri 28-Apr-17 21:43:54

I wish the pic I Lott one were easy to get out my daughter put the turquoise one one her hair and she is on the 40th 2adh and been to the hairdressers and it's still in not happy

ShadowHarts Fri 28-Apr-17 21:45:37

I put the burgundy colourista on and it stained my hair green, had to have it stripped out at the hairdressers!

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