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Beauty shopping at Whole Foods (UK)

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Mcmcmcmc Tue 24-Jan-17 00:08:23

Whole Foods are quite a beauty shopping destination in the US, but I haven't found much online about beauty shopping at Whole Foods UK.

When I first went to the Kensington shop a few years ago I wasn't too impressed, but recently they seem to have stepped up the game quite a lot. They have quite a good range of products ranging from relatively inexpensive (Faith in Nature, Jason, etc.), mid-range (Ren, Neal's Yard) and more pricey/"niche" products with a natural slant (not all are necessarily organic or 100% natural - which I don't really mind but some may do!).

I know some of those brands are available elsewhere - the less expensive ones at Holland & Barrett, and the pricier ones at Space NK and the like - but Whole Foods have a wider range of products for each brand (the full line in each cases) and lots of testers, etc.

My favourite buys from there so far are:
Jason vitamin E cream, vit E oil (high vitamin E concentration, has a thick gel-like texture)
Faith in Nature lavender and geranium shampoo (smells amazing - I used it as a shower gel rather than as a shampoo though blush
Jason aloe vera hand and body lotion (apparently one of the best quality aloe vera products in the market)
Burt's bees tinted lip balm

I've also tested Pommade Divine there and fell in love with the smell and the texture, but haven't bought it yet!

I use all sorts of products, not necessarily just "natural"/"organic" (don't really believe that such claims makes a difference for me) but I always love to find a new beauty shopping destination, and love products with essential oil scents, hence my newfound WF love grin

Bloomed Tue 24-Jan-17 00:24:08

This sounds amazing. I'm in the market for less irritating hair and skin care.

Mcmcmcmc Tue 24-Jan-17 00:34:51

bloomed I heard products with esential oils may be irritating to sensitive skins, so you might want to try fragrance-free products first, or get some samples to patch-test. For hair products they have quite a few sulphate free and silicone free products.

When I go there I usually stock up on virgin coconut oil (WF often have the best prices for the big jars eg 500 ml). I have also started using diluted apple cider vinegar on my hair after shampoo (I always thought this would be useless but it turned out to be life-changing due to how much it helped me get rid of static and hard water build-up on my hair), and WF stock good unfiltered ACV like Bragg's (American brand, a bit overpriced) and other UK ones.

I don't usually buy any other carrier oils apart from coconut as I can often find cheaper online, but they have testers if you want to try out their textures, smells etc.

I must say I never do my actuall food shop there, though! Too overpriced - I only buy some random items that seem appealing grin

Bloomed Tue 24-Jan-17 00:44:45

Thanks the vit e cream and oil and aloe vera cream sound great.

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