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help and inspiration

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contemporaneouscontemps Mon 23-Jan-17 21:49:41

Namechanging for advice, I'm strictly an AIBU brawler with no sense of style but wondered if anyone might be able to help or inspire me

I have to go to a business event in an equatorial area, when temps will be around 25-30 degrees, and have to look smart, and if possible groomed and professional for several days. I am busty short and not good in the sun, and I don't really do hot weather or exposed flesh at the best of times so don't really have a warm weather wardrobe. All my usual suits/outfits etc would be much too hot for the climate. I have agreed to do the trip but have no idea what I am to wear, and the shops are not exactly full of summery inspiration at the moment.
Any stylish mnetters fancy fantasy shopping for my trip?

FauxFox Tue 24-Jan-17 16:13:04

East is a good brand for cotton or linen clothes that will be good in hot weather:
pink shirt
print blouse
white shirt
With wide leg or capri trousers?

Bluntness100 Tue 24-Jan-17 16:19:03

I would do a sleeveless sheath/pencil dress. Not tight. Trousers might cling unattracively to your arse if sweating, pencil or a line skirts and sleeveless shell tops also work for me. Light breathable fabrics but not linen.

NewPantsforaNewYear Tue 24-Jan-17 18:19:53

Would something like this skirt work for you? Can't quite tell what the fabric is like but they have styled it for warm weather.

Silk t shirts are always good.

I'd take a light but smart cardigan as air con can be vicious.

NewPantsforaNewYear Tue 24-Jan-17 21:18:39

This has mixed reviews, and may not be quite smart enough, but sounds like the sort of thing that would be useful.

WipsGlitter Tue 24-Jan-17 21:50:26

What size are you? My chubby thighs would be welded together in hot weather if I wore a skirt.

Agree sleeveless shirts in cotton or silk. Dark trousers.

Boden might have some stuff in their clearance section.

Could you get away with leggings and tunic tops?

Minimal make-up. Wipes in bag. Sunnies. A light perfume to spray on and feel refreshed.

contemporaneouscontemps Tue 24-Jan-17 22:04:14

Thanks so much you lovely lot, hadn't thought of East as a brand, theres some good stuff there so I will trawl through and I like the Jaeger skirt: will see what it looks like on

I probably shouldn't dripfeed but I have an issue with buttons: when I say busty I'm 34F-G (thanks bra gurus!) so I don't tend to wear button up stuff unless its pepperberry, as even the nicest shirt will gape: and I don't tend to go sleeveless as I have really bad skin on my upper arms.
The trouble is if I start writing down everything I have difficulty wearing I suspect the only outfit for me will be some sort of lightweight burka. With no buttons. And even then it would probably be clinging unattractively to my arse. I think this trip may be more trouble than I first anticipated....

Have found some summer dresses from Monsoon in the sort of shape that often suits me,mon_17.1/9521010214 (with something over my shoulders)
and some summery capri trousers (which may be too hot)

polyhymnia Tue 24-Jan-17 22:08:27

There are also quite a few summer dresses on the main Boden site now.

contemporaneouscontemps Tue 24-Jan-17 22:09:01

Gods wipsglitter, I hadn't worried about my chubby thighs yet!
Will add them to the burqua list... grin
Leggings and tunic tops fine for the laidback bits of the trip: but too casual for the formal meetings etc
I pretty much never wear makeup, so that's easy, mascara, decent brows before I go and if required lip gloss. It will be humid so I will let my hair go full curl as that's cute and low maintenance
Off to check out boden sale

polyhymnia Tue 24-Jan-17 22:09:03

And nice 7/8 trousers too.

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