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Grey hair - dye it silver to preempt ?

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Revealall Mon 23-Jan-17 17:13:17

Didn't want to crash the other thread but I have dark hair with grey fighting through. The problem is I have always had " wow" hair, long, thick dark with a natural curl. So I am not doing well with the transition to patchy roots/dye/etc
I home dye mainly at the front/ top and put a bit of bleach on the ends and a few strands to add natural highlights. I quite like the natural dark hair with silver strands underneath though. It looks in nice condition too.

How does dying it silver work? If I go grey through the hairdresser what happens to the roots as they grow through? Will the condition of my hair suffer?

MoonlightandMusic Mon 23-Jan-17 23:38:59

I'm debating getting mine done, so will follow with interest - to date the hairdresser (who's a really good one) is taking some persuading...sad. I'd originally considered silver all over, but am wondering now whether highlights may be a better option.

This is an interesting overview on what goes into 'going grey'.

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