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Grey Hair Fail...

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user1484313858 Mon 23-Jan-17 13:57:17

So I am having an ongoing issue with grey hairs... they started very slowly as these things do circa. about 25-27 years old, and now 32, quite grey in temple areas and a few sporadic ones appearing in the fringe/parting area etc. Not overly surprised as my mum went grey very young, so on that front I appreciate it could be worse.

I'm not bothered about the grey in principle, the problem is NOTHING covers them. I'm pretty dark haired/olive skinned which makes them more obvious for a start. I have used box dye for ages - maybe colouring with permanent colour 3-4 times a year. The issue is, after literally a week, the colour fades/washes off my grey hairs completely.

Further to this, in July this year I paid over £60 to have my hair coloured professionally at my usual salon (a reputable place) and the exact same thing happened. I called my hairdresser and she had me back in to re-colour (free of charge) and maybe mixed up something different, but the same thing happened again!!

I don't put my hair up any more because of the grey in my temples, and am at a loss as what to try. I can't just box-dye it every time the grey comes back as I assume this would wreck my hair very quickly, but I don't feel compelled to pay salon prices if the result is the same?

Any thoughts?

SilverHighlights Mon 23-Jan-17 14:05:17

If dyes don't work, why not save the time, money and effort and try embracing the grey?

ArriettyClock1 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:08:09

I hope someone has a solution as I have the same problem.

And as for 'embrace the grey'? You're way too young imo. I think I am way off embracing the grey and I am 46!

SilverHighlights Mon 23-Jan-17 14:10:04

I'm mid-thirties and started greying almost 15 years ago. I don't see there is any such thing as "too young" - grey hair just happens when it happens. hmm

My greys are sparkly and glorious! grin

CarelessWispas Mon 23-Jan-17 14:11:21

Check your shampoo & conditioner ingredients. If there are any silicones present, the build-up could be blocking the dye from taking correctly. You can remedy this using a clarifying shampoo (and drying hair) before applying dye.

In any case, I was advised by my hairdresser to switch to a professional brand and DIY it, because box dye is rubbish and she knew I couldn't afford to get professional dye job from her....I have noticeable root re-growth every 3 weeks grin.

I now use Loreal Marijel now

which is compatible with loads of grey. Never looked back.

Flanderspigeonmurderer Mon 23-Jan-17 14:12:41

If you want to carry on covering the grey then I would suggest you start off with a few highlights with a toner colour on top to make your hair more of a caramel. The colour of the highlights shouldn't fade so quickly. If you like the colour you could have more highlights put in and go lighter over time to blend the grey in.

ArriettyClock1 Mon 23-Jan-17 15:05:23

CarelessWispas what peroxide or developer do you buy to go with the dye?

BobbinThreadbare123 Mon 23-Jan-17 15:16:26

I'm the same (v similar age). My hair is so dark brown it's almost black, so the white hair shows up. Genuinely, I don't care and the effort of dye and upkeep is far too much hard work. Embrace it. I bet it's not as noticeable to other people as it is you anyway, OP.

ILoveMyMonkey Mon 23-Jan-17 15:28:52

33 loads of grey's popping up all over the place and a badger stripe appearing on the side of my head. Also have very dark hair. Cannot be bothered with box dyes and can't afford salon dyes so I'm embracing the grey. Who cares, grey hair can look lovely and doesn't automatically make you look old - badly died, dry, brittle hair in a bad cut is far more ageing.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 23-Jan-17 15:31:09

A few things:

Ask for a trained colourist. Grey hair has a coarse wiry texture so it's difficult to get the dye to take properly. You need a permanent dye (semi permanent won't last five minutes). The hairdresser can apply bleach to the grey areas first which sounds scary but the dye will then soak in far better. Ask about this method.

You can do root touch up as well with a home dye in between visits. Apply just to the roots. You can do this every couple of weeks.

You can buy root cover hair makeup ( try Colour wow or John Freida). You apply the powder colour with a small brush which is a good fix on days when you've got your hair up or just along your parting.

Failing all that, you could try Henna. There are some good threads on here with advice.

user1484313858 Mon 23-Jan-17 15:38:03

Thanks very much for all of this - I did try highlighting once - my hairdressers run training nights whereby you get your hair done for about £10 by a (supervised) trainee... you're totally right in the respect that the peroxide/lighter colour was much better at disguising the grey, but lighter hair just doesn't suit me, or at least I wasn't too keen anyways!

I'm certainly not criticizing anybody's choice, and not colouring it would be a damn site easier, but I'm just not ready to have grey hairs... I'm just not.

Ironically I spilled dye on our bathroom floor before Christmas, and nothing on this earth will get it off. I'm paying nearly £200 to have the flooring replaced. Bloody typical.

CakeThat Mon 23-Jan-17 15:47:08

Have you tried Nice and Easy permanent box dye? That's the only brand that covers my grey and doesn't fade.

TheScottishPlay Mon 23-Jan-17 15:57:01

Another one suggesting embrace the grey. I have been greying since I was 17 (44 now). I tried brunette, red, blonde etc (though naturally very dark) for years, all professionally done. I couldn't bear it being dyed whilst I had morning sickness so stopped. Spend the money on a cut, it wont age you as grey roots and patchy coloured hair will.

Gooseygoosey12345 Mon 23-Jan-17 16:02:20

You can bleach and then dye it dark if you're not fond of the lighter colour.
I know it's not a consolation if you don't like it but grey is very much in fashion at the moment

empirerecordsrocked Mon 23-Jan-17 16:14:03

I have very dark hair and it's going grey and since having children I've developed an allergy to hair dye.

I was spending £££ having it highlighted (dye doesn't touch scalp) but it just seemed pointless as I still had grey.

I've had no choice but to go with it - I'm 35. I think the longer I've left it the better it looks as the greys are more silvery. My hair is quite long and I think that helps too.

LaCerbiatta Mon 23-Jan-17 17:24:51

Professional dye is the answer. I use Inoa, dye every 3 or 4 weeks (may need to touch up the parting with the loreal root touch up spray on week 4) but no one can tell I colour my hair. No greys and see really natural tone ☺

CoffeeDiamonds Mon 23-Jan-17 19:07:35

Are you on Facebook? Have a look at the group 'going gorgeously gray'.

RozzlePops Mon 23-Jan-17 19:11:20

How long do you keep the dye on for? I need to keep mine on for 1 hour and 30 mins for it to stay put, also don't wash it for 48 hours. Get a really good colour shampoo.

I have been going grey for 18 years. I have to dye my hair every 4-5 weeks.

Somerville Mon 23-Jan-17 19:14:06

Lush henna (I use the brun colour) left on all night covers my grey since I developed an allergy.

CarelessWispas Tue 24-Jan-17 17:06:48


Sorry, I just saw your question.

Creme peroxide 6% 20 vol (any brand, I use one shot salon supplies from Sally Beauty Supplies) with shade 4 Majirel on dark brown "original" hair colour (i.e. what should be a natural match)

Ratio 1: 1.5, leave on 35mins

This is also the only dye that doesn't leave an ugly dye-line around my hair even when I use vaseline.

If new to this, you buy a hairdressers flat application brush, plastic mixing bowl and plastic measuring cup (for peroxide).

Ask any other questions you have and I'll be most happy to try and help.

CarelessWispas Tue 24-Jan-17 17:08:28

By Ratio 1:1.5 I meant

Full application = 1 tube (50g) Majirel, mixed with 75ml creme peroxide.

For roots alone, I use a quarter tube and scale down peroxide accordingly.

HeyMacWey Tue 24-Jan-17 17:14:12

Another vote for majirel. It's covers grey really well - no fading out over time. Once it's in, it's in.
I too am olive and dark hair.
I started going grey in my 20's.
I use 5.1 as prefer a more ashy brown. It's a dark brown but dark dark.

ILookAtLifeFromBothSidesNow Tue 24-Jan-17 18:33:40

Carelesswispas, thanks for the tip, I'm definitely going to try this product! smile

ILookAtLifeFromBothSidesNow Tue 24-Jan-17 18:36:11

Just need to decide on colour. I usually use a 'cool' mid brown but am tempted by the French Browns wink

CarelessWispas Tue 24-Jan-17 18:49:11

I look at life

On colour choice, best bet is to get to stockist and get an assistant to show you the hair samples, and see if you need a colour corrector for the look you want to achieve. Otherwise you can guess but be aware they are pro products so read instructions carefully. I'm easy colourwise as my grey is white and I'm just matching to my original dark brown.

I went to Sally's in new Oxford street (trade department is downstairs with all the pro products). V helpful staff.

Go very patiently first application as using the brush needs a little practice. But it's all good. Buy rubber gloves too wink

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