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Maria Tash ear piercings

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polexiaaphrodesia Sun 22-Jan-17 19:49:31

I've become a bit obsessed with getting a new ear piercing following a lot of lurking about on Pinterest. I already have my ear lobes pierced but fancy a very small hoop or stud a bit further up my earlobe or a forward helix or rook piercing.

What's putting me off at the moment is that I don't want an industrial-looking titanium hoop or stud put in as I want the piercing to be really subtle from the outset but everywhere I look seems to only have these on offer.

I love the Maria Tash tiny, tiny earrings and am tempted by a trip to Liberty but they are SO expensive! Can anyone tell me if they are worth it or whether there are any good alternative places to go in London or Berkshire that would offer pretty jewellery and some good advice on placement?

barefoofdoctor Sun 22-Jan-17 20:00:19

You're kidding?! As an ex-tattooist and body piercer (medically retired unfortunately) I offered tiny hoops, daith hearts etc. As long as they are top quality, autoclavable surgical steel/titanium (and have been vacuum autoclaved prior to initial use) they are fine. Infact I pierced my septum just the other week with a teensy tiny ring which you can barely notice and it look's ace (in my humble opinion ;) and no one really notices).
Can I ask whereabouts in the country you are?

barefoofdoctor Sun 22-Jan-17 20:02:17

Please don't go paying top dollar for some holes to be made in your body by some 'super star' piercer (no idea about Selfridges/this person you speak of as I've been out of the loop a few years though still do the odd piercing here and there). Are you anywhere near the North West/Midlands?

polexiaaphrodesia Sun 22-Jan-17 20:10:55

Thank you barefoof! I'm in Berkshire (near Reading) but I must confess that I haven't been into any tattoo/piercing shops near me - have only looked at their websites/ facebook sites which all seem to show really chunky jewellery which scares me a bit!
Your septum piercing sounds awesome by the way! grin

HSMMaCM Sun 22-Jan-17 20:13:41

Urban piercings in reading have all sorts of piercing accessories. Dd hasn't had any trouble with her piercings there.

OnTheUp13 Sun 22-Jan-17 20:17:45

I have lots of piercings OP but all the jewellery I wear in them is delicate. Initially I hate the stuff they pierce with but I just change it out once it's healed.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sun 22-Jan-17 20:27:54

Where can you buy delicate jewellery like that? Apart from £££ from Liberty!

SomewhereNow Sun 22-Jan-17 20:49:23

I looked into getting DD a piecing with her when we were in London recently (DD was very keen because a lot of bloggers/YouTubers rate her) but honestly it all looked a bit Emporer's New Clothes to me - very pricey and a long waiting list for something you could get in any decent piercing studio. We decided against it and I'll probably take her to the place in Brighton where I had my nose pierced or find somewhere local.

lucyellenlee Wed 29-Nov-17 18:47:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 29-Nov-17 20:22:01

that looks shite hen.

RiojaHaze Wed 29-Nov-17 20:27:04

I got a Maria tash piercing in my forward helix a couple of months ago. It was a present and is lovely but for how much it cost I would've rather spent the money on something else.

(And the earrings are much much smaller than they look on the website)

YouNosyTwat Wed 29-Nov-17 20:36:05

Rioja, out of interest (and were obviously anonymous) how much was it?
I had my daith done recently, love it btw, and it was very skill fully done with very little pain in either the procedure or the healing. It was £30 for both piercing and jewellery combined, I'm just wondering what the difference is?

Cakescakescakes Wed 29-Nov-17 20:41:44

I have some tiny earrings which are actually tiny silver nose studs bought from an alternative clothing shop near me. They are as tiny as the ones in the pic - studs and stars etc. Cost a couple of pounds each.

RiojaHaze Wed 29-Nov-17 21:03:33

£270 for a white gold and turquoise stud.

Wasn't painful, the guy who did the piercing was brilliant, but I look at it now and I'm a bit meh! (You do get to keep the pen they mark your ear with though wink)

RiojaHaze Wed 29-Nov-17 21:06:03

Spurioser, Claire's is brilliant for little ones - you can get multipacks for about £9 and that's what I have in all of my other piercings, and ones from accessorize if I'm feeling flush! (And can keep them away from DD)

YouNosyTwat Wed 29-Nov-17 21:14:04

Wowza! I'll stick with my local studio then shock

ImCatbug Wed 29-Nov-17 21:22:00

Have a look at the Anatometal stuff, it can be pricey but is beautiful and i’ve had a few piercings done with tiny opal jewels from them from the start. If you can find a decent studio then it’s worth asking them if they have jewellery like that in stock already or can order it for you.

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