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Mulberry handbag, is this genuine?

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JakeBallardswife Sun 22-Jan-17 17:05:37

This is the bag, really like it and it's affordable.

Is it a real one?

JakeBallardswife Sun 22-Jan-17 17:06:38

Mulberry messenger bag unisex £145

JakeBallardswife Sun 22-Jan-17 17:07:18

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 22-Jan-17 17:08:39

Chinese website. Dodgy as fuck.

Do not buy!

PrincessNakedAsAJayBird Sun 22-Jan-17 17:09:40

Sadly nope!!echoing Mitzy and dodgy as fuckness!

EIsbethTascioni Sun 22-Jan-17 17:10:15

This suggests fake.

I'd be wary of any sites like that.

pinkieandperkie Sun 22-Jan-17 17:11:01

I personally do not use websites where there is no phone number to contact.

ImYourMama Sun 22-Jan-17 17:13:00


Try Facebook groups, mulberry swap & sell is a good one, all the bags are verified

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 22-Jan-17 17:13:36

It's fake. You can tell by those screw things which have to slant upwards. I was told. In the circles they should be / and \

MarsBarsAreShrinking Sun 22-Jan-17 17:15:59

The pictures are real but whatever you receive will not be.

As PP said above, there are several Mulberry selling groups on Facebook... you probably won't get an Antony for that price (not unless it's been very well used) but there are definitely some bargains to be had!

Somanyshoes Sun 22-Jan-17 17:16:10

145 GBP; definitely fake.

JakeBallardswife Sun 22-Jan-17 17:21:28

Thank you, a lucky escape.

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