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Please help i feel like a freak. Help clothe me.

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LlamaBananas Sun 22-Jan-17 11:26:43

Im 4ft 11.5 inches tall.
I am a size 18 (currently - dieting).
I have v v v wide feet. Standard wide fit dont usually fit. I have to go for EEE.

I had an illness last year that i've now recovered from retty much. The illness daw me gain a fair bit of weight and my medication has taken until now to get right so im only just beginning to lose weight.
I was a 12 to 14 before. Ive always looked plump due to my height. Even at my slimmest size 8 to 10 i still had a look of someone dumpy. I now at size 18 feel like i look ridiculous.

Im 44 i feel fat and frumpy. My size means i cant shop in petite ranges as they dont cater for short and fat people. I have a waist but a serious pot belly with vile overhang not helped by 4x abdo surgery and 3 x C Sections. Because of my belly i cant make the most of my only nice feature my waist.

I just feel a wreck and like shit. Footwear for my feet (that are as wide as they are long at size 4) is so frumpy i dont think even my nan would wear them. I live in fitflops in the summer and wearing some ankle boots right now that i bought because they fitted not because i like them much.

Is there anyone else out there with the same features as me that dresses well and looks nice? If so please share where you shop.

Ladyformation Sun 22-Jan-17 12:49:38

You are absolutely not a freak and you can look fab. I had a wonderful colleague who was pretty much your shape and she always looked immaculate. So my tips come entirely from seeing her and are in no way comprehensive!

Her staple outfit was a wrap dress in a block colour or a simple pattern (think geometric stripes rather than fussy florals), with 3/4 length sleeves to show off slim wrists, a v- or scoop neck, often a deep v with a contrasting camisole underneath to break up the block of colour, falling to bang on knee length to show off calves/make legs look long. Then, beautifully kept hair, great make up & nails, and a couple of pieces of gorgeous jewellery - all of which is just as important as clothes.

Shoes sound tricky and I'm sure that someone better equipped than me will come along and point you in the right direction.

Other than that, I'd say the same thing to you that I would to everyone - buy the best you can afford (buy fewer of them!), maintain everything (clothes & you!) scrupulously, don't be scared of a "uniform" once you work out what you want to wear and head high!

barefoofdoctor Mon 23-Jan-17 21:52:04

Shoe wise, what about Dr Martens? They have a massive range now and tend to come up wide.

squiz81 Mon 23-Jan-17 22:04:50

Have you looked on the JDwilliams website? They sell EEE fit shoes. Some are questionable but there are lots of nice ones. I just spotted some plain back courts, they would be good for giving you height and are slimming on the legs.

I would forget petite ranges. Find something that you like in a normal range and then get it shortened by a dressmaker.

PlasticPanels123 Tue 24-Jan-17 09:08:14

Simply Be and Evans both do EEE shoes, New Look as well but tend to be cheap and cheerful.

LlamaBananas Tue 24-Jan-17 09:14:07

Thanks fot the ideas and tips. I will definately look at those websites.
It just frustrates me that i have to buy on line when it would be nice to have a day in town trying different styles on and chooding rather than odering several pairs and sending the unwanted back.

squiz81 Tue 24-Jan-17 20:58:48

Have you got an Evans near you? They sell wide fit shoes, you could probably order a few pairs in to try if the stock in the shop was limited

dirtyprettything Tue 24-Jan-17 21:29:50

Clarks Hamble oak come in extra wide. They are massively comfy and v v cool.

Please don't feel down hearted. You need swagger & some new gear and you'll feel a million dollars.
Wrap dresses are great, ditto leggings with a loose top.
Think of one area you want to highlight rather than what you want to hide.
Good cleavage? Show that off.
Nice ankles? Draw attention to them.

Deathraystare Wed 25-Jan-17 10:48:15

I am an 18/20 but not petite at 5ft 4. However-Wallis, Dorothy Perkins and Next do up to a 22 I think in petite. In fact I get pissed off at the amount of petite stuff inWallis that is different from their standard range and I can't wear it!!!!

Shoe tailor (on line) are good for wide shoes and Evans too. I have wide feet and some are too wide for me!!! Not all the styles are grannyish. I have had some good stuff from there. Someone has already mentioned Simply Be (who have stores as well as a catalogue). I looked the other day and they have fab shoes!

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