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Silver Hair - need a new make up palette to compliment it.

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opinionatedfreak Sat 21-Jan-17 21:23:42

After years of disguising the encroaching grey (about 30%) I've gone silver.

I'm late thirties and love my hair but hadn't anticipate how the rest of my look would need to change.... Over the past twenty years I've developed a really good natural look with make up using lots of coral /brown tones eg my favourite lipstick (which I had hoarded prior to discontinuation) was the uninspiringly named but amazingly flattering Beige Desire from Chanel. Anyway it all looks shit with My new hair colur and without make up I look a washed out mess. I used to only wear make up to go out but think I might need to start wearing it every day including to work, Ho hum.

Purple eyeshadow (Mac), and pink lipsticks (Clinique berry freeze and Dior Granville Pink) are about the only things I've managed to salvage from my old make up bag.

Any suggestion of colours to try or where I can go to get professional advice about what to buy....I'm thinking Dior as my current foundation is made by them and I need to buy some more. In the past I would have gone to Mac but I haven't bought any stuff from them for a couple of years.

TheOneWhoKnocks Sat 21-Jan-17 22:04:46

I have a white streak at the front of my hair and found that I needed to change my eye makeup to match! I now use a pearlescent white base shadow (Rimmel), then a very metallic steel grey and a slightly shimmery anthracite grey to do a smoky eye (Loreal palette). Grey liquid liner (Loreal). I also use a slightly cooler, candy pink blush (Loreal again) and clear lipbalm. I'm v pale with v dark eyes and eyebrows, in case it matters. I'm picky about makeup but it's a good look, and (provided I use primer) those specific products are as good as any of the more expensive alternatives I've tried.

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