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Help I need holiday fashion help!!

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FredAstairesUnderwear Sat 21-Jan-17 16:34:06

I'm in my early 20's I like fashion but struggle to find new things that suit me, however I'm off to Rome at the end of March for 5 days with my boyfriend, it's my first proper holiday away with him and first holiday without my daughter, I want to look classy and stylish and dare I say it, chic?
I'm at a loss of how to dress, I can dress for 8 degrees or lower, I can dress for 22 degrees or higher but I'm stumped on how to dress for that middle ground, I feel like if I take shorts I'll be cold, if I take jeans I will be warm! I know this is a silly thing to be in a dilemma about and it's a long way off but some chic city break outfit ideas would be helpful if anyone would like to help! halo

jeaux90 Sat 21-Jan-17 17:22:10

Hey, well it will be around 10 so for starters I would be thinking leather jacket. A funky gillet for over or underneath it for extra warmth if you need it.

You'll be walking a lot so take some shoes that you are comfortable in (for Copenhagen I wore some wedge slouchy boots as I also need height)

I'd say skinny jeans will be a definite!

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