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Help - dry patches on my eyelids

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macnab Sat 21-Jan-17 15:21:47

I don't think the search function is working (am on my phone) so apologies if this has already been covered

I have developed horrible dry patches on both my upper eyelids. Right eye first, about 6-8 weeks ago and now the left eye. It's sore, patchy and unsightly. I use damp cotton pad with some baby oil to remove eye makeup and then cleanse with camomile balm from body shop. I then use La Roche Posay hydraphase eye cream and Hydreane sensitive moisturiser. Suppose to be good for sensitive skin.
Can anyone recommend something else to try? It's really starting to get to me and the choice of creams lotions etc is a bit overwhelming confused

Laquila Sat 21-Jan-17 15:41:54

Do you use a metal eyelash curler? The only time I've had this problem was when using one (literally for less than a week) and it turned out to be a nickel allergy that needed a bit of steroid cream to get rid of. If it was just dry skin, I think you'd have got rid of it with the LRP stuff, surely? How's the skin on the rest of your face?

macnab Sat 21-Jan-17 15:58:30

No, never use eyelash curlers. Skin on the rest of my face is fine although generally on the dry side and sensitive to harsher products hence the LRP products. Odd that it started on one eyelid and now on both.

PopeMortificado Sat 21-Jan-17 16:13:59

I had something similar and I found a gentle exfoliation before bed (I used a boots buff puff thing) followed by one of the Elemis night capsules worked wonders:

I would blob the capsule contents on to my forehead, and right and left top cheekbone and then spread it over my face gently covering the eyelid. (that's not how they recommend to use them btw - they say squeeze into hand and spread)

I had mine as part of a set so they were much cheaper than these because they were included with other products god they are SO good. I'm seriously contemplating buying some more and I would NEVER normally even think of spending that much money on a skin product.

Probably not very helpful I suspect given their cost - but I'd really recommend them. Maybe have a look round for similar recovery oil type things. You want an intense moisturiser.

Fuzzypeggy Sat 21-Jan-17 16:46:04

I had this and e45 sorted it out

CointreauVersial Sat 21-Jan-17 17:19:33

How old is your mascara/eye shadow?

Mascara can get contaminated with bacteria if you've had it for a long time, and this can irritate the skin around the eye.

Also, have you changed your make-up routine at all? Using anything different?

CointreauVersial Sat 21-Jan-17 17:20:02

Ditto dirty makeup brushes. Have you washed them recently?

Livedandlearned Sat 21-Jan-17 17:23:34

I get this randomly. And a teeny bit of bio oil helps, a really little bit so it doesn't run into your eye as that is a horrible sensation.

missjoanie Sat 21-Jan-17 18:48:36

This happens to me if I use eyeshadow primer or foundation on my eyelids before I apply eye make-up. I have no problems if I just use my Studio Fix powder to prime my eyelids. I read somewhere that products containing bismuth can trigger a reaction, so I avoid it now.

mostimproved Sat 21-Jan-17 19:43:15

I've had this before and tried various creams, then googled and found a blog where a girl had really bad eye eczema and used Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream, its from Holland and Barrett. I thought I'd give it a try as it was about £8, and it worked wonders! Completely cleared it up, and whenever I get a few random red dry patches I just put some on and they disappear.

MrsWOLF1 Sat 21-Jan-17 20:31:18

I had this for ages and only thing that has cleared it is Doublebase cream ,you can get it over the counter or on prescription

madamginger Sat 21-Jan-17 20:38:02

I get this just on my right eyelid and I put a tiny smudge of hydrocortisone cream and it clears it right up overnight.

GVmama Sat 21-Jan-17 20:45:32

Do you have eczema? I get eczema on my eyelids, I think it's fairly common. It started all of a sudden a few years ago, my GP sent me for allergy testing and it turned out it was caused by an allergy to mascara 😦
I avoid mascara now, but if I do wear some for a night out I make sure I take it off properly and use a tiny bit of hydrocortisone cream and it clears up quickly.

CantChoose Sat 21-Jan-17 23:52:54

I used eight hour cream on them just before bed and it cleared mine up in a couple of days.

Zhx3 Sat 21-Jan-17 23:56:03

Whenever this happens to me, I use 8 hour cream on my eyelids at night.

It stinks but it works. I use it for chapped lips too, while I'm sleeping, as I can't bear the feel of lip balm when I'm awake!

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