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Last night's Horizon...

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keeponkeepinon Fri 20-Jan-17 09:31:09

...(deliciously) Ella's makeup. Particularly eyes, how do I get this? I couldn't work out what she had used. It was kind of like a matte taupe but then soft grey next to her lashes which really emphasised her eyes. She looked very glowy. Anyone see it and can point me in the right direction?

I have blue eyes and I find it tricky to find tutorials that aren't too harsh and over done. And I am not at all adventurous, I like makeup to be pretty natural and the makeup she had last night was just what I'd like.

specialsubject Fri 20-Jan-17 12:48:29

You'll do far better to follow her make up than her nutrition advice!

ilovecherries Fri 20-Jan-17 13:04:41

She looked gorgeous, didn't she. (No idea how it's done!)

keeponkeepinon Fri 20-Jan-17 16:52:25

I was thinking, special, nobody tell me it's just all the veggies cos she's def wearing makeup!

friendlyflicka Fri 20-Jan-17 17:53:35

Just get one of the Naked palettes. She looked lovely but it was all very easy looking make up. Just neutrals

friendlyflicka Fri 20-Jan-17 17:59:03

She's got a bronzy eyeshadow on lid and socket and then a grey smudgy pencil - a thick lining her outer eye

keeponkeepinon Fri 20-Jan-17 19:38:42

I've got the original naked palettegrin

friendlyflicka Fri 20-Jan-17 21:15:08

I am sure you will have the colours you need. If there is a grey colour, just use a thin brush and put some on the lash line and the outer corners of your eye and you will look beautiful!

Kai1977 Fri 20-Jan-17 23:33:22

Browns are supposed to bring blue eyes out most so maybe go for more of those on the lids.

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