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Brittle breaking hair

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Yoghurty Thu 19-Jan-17 19:22:24

My hair has recently become very dry and brittle and it's snapping every time I brush/comb my hair.
I dye my hair, never blow dry unless I'm at the hairdresser, I do use my perfect curl once a week or do I wet set ever couple of weeks, but always use heat protection sprays and hair BB cream.
To add to this, I have scalp psoriasis, so tend to use medicated shampoo, but use Aussie 3 minute miracle each time I wash my hair.

Other than getting it cut off (I'm booked an appointment already) what else can I do to improve the strength/condition?

statetrooperstacey Thu 19-Jan-17 20:15:51

I really like loreal extraordinary hair oil I've also used a Pantene intensive conditioner that came in a round tub. I changed my hair dye also from one with bleach to one without, that made a big difference.
I will be trying a henna treatment as well soon ( but not the lush one) an amazon one that has been recommended on here, prob not much help if your blonde tho!

Yoghurty Thu 19-Jan-17 20:42:33

Thanks State.

Nope, not blonde and don't bleach my hair before dying either.

Will check out that intensive conditioner and pop into lush as well to see about the other one. Thanks

Yoghurty Thu 19-Jan-17 20:43:11

I just saw you said NOT the lush one!

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