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Help!!! 4 days in Spain in 5 star hotel - Ideas/photos for outfits please!

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yohoohoo Thu 19-Jan-17 13:50:12

ok so we've been invited to a lovely hotel in Spain early April to celebrate a birthday. Friend is so fashionable, Im err not! But I would love to have some new outfits to take but just don't know what to take. Early Arpil so it wont be scorching but pleasant I'd say so I would need:

Something to travel/fly in
3 evening outfits - I have 1 possibly 2 dresses I could wear. Pashminas at night???
Daytime - what do I wear in the day Im guessing carids as well incase it's chilly

By the way Im late 40's...please help!

Thegirlisnotright Thu 19-Jan-17 14:48:10

Search Pinterest for capsule holiday wardrobe or similar?

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