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What makes a man look more groomed?

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whensitmyturn Thu 19-Jan-17 10:19:27

Was speaking to db the other night and he was saying at his latest appraisal his appearance/image was something he'd been told to improve on.
He works for a retailer so has to wear suits and he does buy decent ones but he says he doesn't get them dry cleaned as often as he should.
He has a short beard which when he styles looks smart but he has a tendency to let stubble grow out round it which looks scruffy.
Not sure what else i can think of but granted I don't see him in work!

Can anyone give advice or what you think makes a man look smart/groomed especially wearing suits/formal wear.

KatherinaMinola Thu 19-Jan-17 10:26:20

Definitely get suits dry cleaned regularly - if you shop around it can be quite cheap.
Clean-shaven or very tidy beard and hair - regular trips to barber's (they should do eyebrows and ear-hair too)
Teeth - regular dental appts make a difference should practise what I preach
Polished, good quality shoes - also make sure reheeled as necessary
Ironed shirts
Smart, newish-looking bag (can be casual but must look in good nick)
Smart socks
Ironed shirts
Polished, good quality belt if worn
Good coat, well maintained (dry cleaned, in good repair, etc)

KatherinaMinola Thu 19-Jan-17 10:27:54

Also - clean, short, tidy nails. Moisturizer if he has a tendency to dry skin. Vaseline on lips ditto.

CaraAspen Thu 19-Jan-17 10:28:52

He should get rid of the beard. Ugh to beards.

HowardMoonsJazzTrumpet Thu 19-Jan-17 10:29:25

Good shoes - clean with tidy laces.

Clean, tidy nails & hands.

No obvious gaudy jewellery (maybe understated watch & wedding ring).

No ponytails/man buns

I would ask his line manager to expand on the comment, so that he knows where he's going wrong.

chemicalCat Thu 19-Jan-17 11:01:21

I would agree with Cara because I dislike beards too. Although I know some women love them. If he has facial hair it should be kept well trimmed.

Lots of good points here and I'd agree with the points on polished shoes, clean nails and ironed shirts. Those are really noticeable.

itsbetterthanabox Thu 19-Jan-17 11:09:53

Regular hair cuts and washing regularly using shampoo and conditioner.
Keeping facial hair tidy
Brows trimmed and also plucked if they are wild.
Daily showers
Ironed if wearing a shirt
Using a cleanser not body soap on their face!
Using a moisturiser
Clean shoes
Clothes that fit correctly
Nails filed short (not bitten!) and kept clean with a nail brush

NewPantsforaNewYear Thu 19-Jan-17 11:35:12

You can get machine washable suits, if the cost of dry cleaning is an issue. I don't know what they're like but not having to dry clean is always a plus to me.

Bensyster Thu 19-Jan-17 11:39:46

Well heeled polished shoes - toes not all bashed up
Subtle cufflinks
Scarf with a coat
Well fitting suit - trousers at right length - not flapping or excessive gathering at shoes. Sleeves right length too.
White shirt, dark tie.
Good posture, good dental hygiene - floss daily.

beresh Thu 19-Jan-17 12:30:01

My DH gets his hair cut regularly, but yesterday tried a new barbers and the difference in how groomed and fashionable he looked was astonishing! The new barber cut his hair with scissors rather than clippers, used a hair drier and applied wax.

INXS Thu 19-Jan-17 14:23:01

Ah, I have a good one. If he has a beard, one really great way of stopping it from looking unkempt and scraggly is to trim the moustache around the top lip.

He should get a small pointy pair of scissors and make sure not a single hair grows down past his lipline, there should be a few millimetres between the top of his upper lip and the end of the moustache.

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