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Make up for dummies!

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darumafan Tue 17-Jan-17 10:34:58

I used to love make up and wouldn't be seen without a full face of slap when I was younger. Now I'm a lot older (46) and don't wear any but really want to start again. My reasons for this are feeling less confident, looking old and wanting a confidence boost just for me.

I have skin that tans easily, I'm fairly olive skinned naturally. I have green eyes and dark hair although my hair is currently cold brown graduating to plum. This was done at the suggestion of my hairdresser. I quite like the boldness of my hair and am not afraid of a bit of colour.

Now, my questions start with the basics: I don't like the feel of foundation as I have got older so I tend to wear a tinted moisturiser with concealer under my eyes. Do I need to use a primer as well? When would I put it on? Before the concealer or after? If after, do I put the primer on before the moisturiser?

Can anyone recommend a good primer? My skin is pretty dry so I do need something that helps with this.

Next question: What about mascara? I do use a black/brown one now. It doesn't look as heavy on my eyes as black. It's a No 7 one and it seems to do the job. Is it ok to wear mascara but not any eyeshadow?

Somewhere along the line, I have lost all confidence with make up and looking good. I just want to feel better about me for me iyswim.

hyacinthwannabe Tue 17-Jan-17 10:45:08

Hi Darumafan, I'm 42 and am same as you. Was great at make up in my 20's then had kids and stopped.

I recently had a lesson for age appropriate make up and it was a man who did it. He was brilliant seemed to know about every single make up item available. He has set me up with an amazing daily make up routine and it's so natural and subtle I feel a million dollars.

I'd recommend a lesson in ur local area.

I use maybeline primer under tinted moisturiser by nars.

I always use Clinique mascara and eyeshadow. Have a pencil but I'm crap at it so tend not to use it.

Plus I usually wear Benefit tinted lip balm.

I got an hourglass powder too which I love too.

seefeld Tue 17-Jan-17 11:54:41

Are you using a normal moisturizer alongside the tinted one? I've got fairly dry skin and can't get away with using tinted moisturiser on its own. The Laura Mercier primer for dehydrated skin is excellent. I put the primer on after my moisturiser has sunk in and before concealer and tinted moisturizer so I have a good base for the makeup. I also use a little powder on top of my concealer to set it and to stop my mascara smudging into it.

I also find a cream blush looks better on my dry skin than a powder blush. And I add a little bit of highlighter on my cheek and brow bones in an effort to look more radiant.

I really like Lisa Eldridge's videos on YouTube. I didn't wear makeup for a few years after the birth of DS but have recently got back into it again and her tutorials have really helped.

Softkitty2 Tue 17-Jan-17 12:01:43

Hi I would go to a dept store beauty section because you have a lot of options with brands.
I would recommend a tinted moisturiser, bb or cc cream if you do not want to use a foundation, from estee lauder, laura mercier, bobbi brown or nars, you can use a beauty oil underneath (bobbi brown, mac or clarins) or a moisturiser/oil with hyaluronic acid

My fave primer so far is the charlotte tilbury wonderglow, it gives you a dewy glowy look, but nars, laura mercier estee lauder, ysl, dior and chanel etc all do primers-- all decent

I would use an eye cream for the under eye area and conceal, best concealers imo are from bobbi brown and they have the new ones out which conceals and also moisturise.

I would use a powder on top to set.

Have eyebrows threaded and tinted and use an eye brow pencil if needed

Brown eyeliner and mascara

Blush and lips

I would always ask to be swatched for foundation/ tinted moisturisers and if you are unsure ask for a sample to take home. Same with the primers ask for samples and see what you like the best.

My make up base/skin care I always go highend because I just prefer it.

Do not be pressured into buying and ask for samples because if i am not mistaken beauty items are non returnable.

darumafan Tue 17-Jan-17 12:05:14

I do sometimes have to use both my normal and tinted moisturiser, would you recommend using both everyday? The Laura Mercier primer, how easily available is it? What powder do you use? I've got a bit scared of powder as I've got older and my skin has become drier.

Highlighter is another thing that I have seen but have no idea about. Any suggestions for a novice?

Where do you get your powder from?

darumafan Tue 17-Jan-17 12:07:07


Which department store would you recommend? They all scare me a bit, my self confidence is in my boots and beautifully presented women scare the bejesus out of me!

Softkitty2 Tue 17-Jan-17 12:16:19

I would go to john lewis, house of fraser or fenwicks, debenhams, any of them really as long as they have a good beauty section.

I prefer selfridges or spacenk because of their range but the others will do.

Highlighter you can get a liquid or powder version, some primers now are highlighters aswell they are called illuminating primers, i love love love them.

hyacinthwannabe Tue 17-Jan-17 12:29:17

It's from Space NK

seefeld Tue 17-Jan-17 12:49:35

I'd use them both every day if your skin is dry. I let my moisturiser sink in for about 10/15mins before applying tinted moisturiser or primer otherwise my skin is too slippy to apply them properly.

I have a Bobbi Brown concealer and powder duo so I always use the powder from that.

Re highlighter. I've got a NARS multiple stick and use my fingers to apply it. I got it from Space NK and the sales assistant there showed me how to apply it and also gave me advice about which shade to go for.

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