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What colour tights?

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Tatat Fri 23-Feb-07 15:27:42

OOh the confusion..

Wearing slouchy, heeled cowboy ish boots with a wrap dress tonight, first time out in ages, but no idea what colour tights to wear. And really need them cos my legs are no way near unleashable on the general public.

My dress is a fairly small pattern of navy turquoise white and pale mint green (sounds minging but is actually quite pretty, honest!) and boots are tan brown. Would normally go for tights that you can't even tell I'm wearing, but is this too outdated now? Everyone seems to be wearing patterned opaques but think that it would be too much with the dress pattern plus black will just look horrid I think. Or am I just completely out of touch? Any hints very welcome!

docket Fri 23-Feb-07 15:32:22

what colour are the boots? navy would be ok but depends on boots. agree patterned ones might be a bit much

docket Fri 23-Feb-07 15:33:12

oh sorry - tan! hmmmm, how about nude then? tights i mean!

Tatat Fri 23-Feb-07 15:33:40

They're like a mid brown, dh calls them ginger bless him (to match my hair!)

docket Fri 23-Feb-07 15:33:43

navy might work though..

Tatat Fri 23-Feb-07 15:35:50

Nude (tights ) are my normal choice but cos I haven't been out in so long I wondered if I would look like a frump. Thanks Docket I shall go and buy some now!

anniemac Fri 23-Feb-07 16:00:28

Message withdrawn

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