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What sort of jacket would look modern for this time of year?

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SomewhereNow Sun 15-Jan-17 12:19:58

I usually wear a biker but have started to feel a bit 'Loose Women' in it if that makes sense and also rather a mum cliche (despite having worn them for years - my first one was an actual motorbike one, not a fashion one).

What other styles are people wearing at the moment? Blazers don't suit me as I have small shoulders and big boobs so they never seem to fit properly.

simmonsbythesea Sun 15-Jan-17 12:38:50

What part of the country are you in that a biker or blazer weight jacket will suffice right now?! If it's not snowing it seems to be tipping it down with rain most places!

Ignoring the weather, other jacket style options might be a short pea coat, khaki military style jacket or parka, chanel style (round neck, boxy style, no collar) blazers. Trend wise, bomber jackets are still having a bit or a resurgence, you can get thin silky embroidered styles, or padded plain ones for a bit of warmth.

SomewhereNow Sun 15-Jan-17 12:53:36

Sorry I should have said I need something for going out eg pub, shopping, restaurant plus the occasional work meeting (but am in a creative industry so no need to be very smart). So mainly indoor stuff - I've got a decent warm coat for the rest of the time (and fingers crossed no snow here yet anyway).

YouWereRight Sun 15-Jan-17 13:58:39

A denimdenim or cord jacket? I like those jackets that are denim jacket shaped, bit in velvet.

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