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Best styling product for short hair

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chickensaresafehere Sun 15-Jan-17 10:14:43

I have an asymmetrical pixie cut with one shaved side & have tried different paste/wax/putty,but I haven't found any that I really like or that holds my thick hair.
Any recommendations?

Floisme Sun 15-Jan-17 11:09:04

Have you tried the Fudge Hair Shaper? It's pricey but it controls my thick, wayward hair without turning it to concrete. I sometimes find one application lasts a few days if I don't wash my hair. (Sorry if that's too much information.) My hairdresser uses it too.

They also do a putty but that doesn't hold as well.

Eanair Sun 15-Jan-17 11:11:32

I love this stuff:

Both my brothers also use it. You can get it online from ASOS or Menkind or in Selfridges. Your hair does need to be completely dry before you put it on, but because it's also a bit like a dry shampoo it gives a great matte texture.

RandomDent Sun 15-Jan-17 11:13:40

My hairdresser just uses plain old hairspray. Spray a load n then pull your hair where you want it to go. I've found it much better than all the sticky stuff.

Floisme Sun 15-Jan-17 11:15:38

Doesn't it set really hard though Random? Or has hairspray moved on?

RandomDent Sun 15-Jan-17 11:17:20

Doesn't seem to, maybe I'm dong it wrong. grin

Floisme Sun 15-Jan-17 11:20:48

Oh you'd know if it was still doing it grin Sounds like it's changed, thanks for the tip!

chickensaresafehere Sun 15-Jan-17 11:29:47

Have ordered some Fudge hair shaper grin

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