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Beauty Pie

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HectorAndKiki Sat 14-Jan-17 09:48:41

Has anyone ordered from Beauty Pie, yet? Seems really good, but as I haven't seen it mentioned on MN I'm a bit reluctant to order from it until I've had the OK from you lovely ladies 😀

BeforeWeFade Sat 14-Jan-17 13:53:56

I am also curious to hear more from anyone who has tried their products! Ruth Crilly (a model recommends) included their cream luminizer in her December favorites video and talked a bit about the concept of the company which sounds quite promising. But, she wanted to try out one of their foundations before giving a final verdict.

Definitely seams like a bargain if the products are high quality.

HectorAndKiki Sat 14-Jan-17 14:08:48

Fleur de force mentioned their foundation and said it was good, supposedly very similar to a Giorgio Armani foundation ! which sounds good - it's just I trust MN recommendations more 😀

KatyS36 Sat 14-Jan-17 17:23:47

I don't know about the product quality, but financially if you like lots of stuff it looks like a great idea. I've kondoed all my beauty products and make up and generally am happiest having a small number of things that I love, so for me it's cheaper to pay full price occasionally than pay the subscription. Obviously this won't be the case if you like trying lots of new things frequently. Katy

Trundle13 Tue 31-Jan-17 22:18:48

hector did you go ahead and join up in the end? I'm very tempted, especially by the foundation, but don't want to just be caught up in the hype...

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 31-Jan-17 22:23:20

To me, personally, this just doesn't work. I want to try products before I buy them - especially things like foundation - and the idea of paying just to access the products seems nuts. There's a three month minimum membership, and a maximum spend each month. (I suspect the business model is partly built on the premise that people will sign up and forget to cancel.)

marciakilgore1 Sat 04-Mar-17 16:41:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

marciakilgore1 Sat 04-Mar-17 16:47:45

Hello @JudyofDreams, I just wanted to respond to your message to clarify a few things about BEAUTY PIE. We have to limit how much each member can spend each month, and also hope to have member consistency, so that we can accurately forecast how much makeup we can buy, and so that members are always able to benefit from a wide variety of items, without them being sold out. Cosmetics sometimes day up to a year for new development, and a 6-9 months for our repeat orders from factories. That requires a lot of planning, and if members come in and out too frequently, we can't manage the inventory for them. Our goal is to have our members ALWAYS check BEAUTY PIE first, to see if they can buy what they are looking for at our totally transparent factory cost, before going out there an paying full retail, which in cosmetics and skincare can be anywhere from 10-30X the actual ex-factory cost. Sorry you don't see it, but we certainly rejoice when we see our members shopping regularly. We don't want ANYBODY to forget about or not benefit from their membership. Would love to see you as a BEAUTY PIE member if you ever change your mind. (You should see the incredible product we've got coming down the pipeline!)

marciakilgore1 Sat 04-Mar-17 16:50:14

HectorandKiki Marcia Kilgore here, Founder of BEAUTY PIE. You will not be disappointed with BEAUTY PIE. If you have any individual questions or need shade matching, please just email us on

Maudlinmaud Sat 04-Mar-17 16:51:03

Hi Marcia, is there a way to test your products before buying and signing up?

Rainbowglow Sat 04-Mar-17 21:04:20

I very recently ordered some smudgy eyeliners, an eyebrow pencil and lip pencil. All great. Good quality. Would probably not order foundation/concealor as I like to test instore. And it would be great if the Beautypie website gave suggestions/advice...e.g. this blush suits fair/olive skin. However I have been pleasantly surprised with the cosmetics.

RoseValleyRambles Sat 04-Mar-17 21:18:54

I'm on my second month of membership, and loving it. Favourites so far are the translucent powder and the matte lipsticks - cowboy nude is amazing. Have just ordered a foundation, but not quite sure what the colour match will be like...

hail8791 Tue 07-Mar-17 17:26:00

I have been a member for two months now and have found that the products are a little hit or miss. The lip colour swatches are quite a lot darker IRL than on their website. They are a little too obvious for my pale complexion but the lasting power for the lip liner is fantastic, so would highly recommend it (as you would have to re-apply the lipstick every 15mins without it) . The great skin foundation is perfection (as long as you can find the right shade) and together with the one powder wonder it gives a matte but radiant finish. The moonlighting balm in soft soul i was expecting to hate but it is the perfect subtle highlight without that obvious strobing look, a truly healthy finish. The concealer in the compact was a fail for me - did not cover blemishes, caked and separated on the face. The volume mascara was just ok, not as good as tarte's lights camera lashes but not the worst i've tried. The brow pencil is also quick and easy to apply and is a natural looking shade. I would recommend becoming a member if you would usually spend £90+ on beauty products every 3 months and are looking to change up your look. watch out as the postage is a little misleading it says from £2.99 but the time taxes and whatever else they add on it is realistically more towards the £7 mark. If anyone else has got any recommendations i would love to hear from you.

Gusthetheatrecat Tue 07-Mar-17 19:20:32

Intriguing. I would love to sign up but I am a) not in need of any additional beauty products and b) not prepared to buy foundation without trying the colour! It's a shame as I am absolutely on the brink of shelling out for a high end foundation and would love to try Beauty Pie. Maybe next year....

andbabymakes4 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:21:52

After the loss of my mum recently, my friend got me 'into' make up again. I needed a relaxing distraction and a pick-me-up. After 2 children I was a tired looking 43, I noticed my skin had changed through age and not knowing what products now suited me, I had not really been looking after myself.

I found myself suddenly really getting into watching make-up tutorials on YouTube - this is where I heard about Beauty Pie. So far I have bought the micro minerals serum foundation, both eyeshadow palettes, a mascara, and the one pot wonder powder.

For my skin I use a damp beauty blender to use the foundation, such a lovely finish to the skin and a good colour match. The palettes are lovely, I have discovered that I could do with more matte colours because of my older skin - I'm sure this range will develop further as it is already. Superb quality again though.

The mascara I bought was the Flash False one - not so great on my lashes, maybe it's my technique but it ends up clumping on my lashes. Maybe I should buy a decent mascara comb as the product itself is great. I shall try the others though as I think the applicators are better on the other ones.

The one pot wonder is a dream - so finely milled, I've never used anything like this before. It's gives a wonderful smooth and natural finish. I feel like I am in Aladdins cave at the moment especially as they have increased their range to include skincare - the holy grail for my maturing skin!

One of the great philosophies of Beauty Pie is also about minimzing the impact on the environment with simple pacakaging - for me this is a real bonus. I think I have become a super-fan. star

Fishfingersandwich9 Mon 17-Apr-17 19:45:32

Another subscriber here - I have been impressed with the products overall and have been ordering for 5 months now. I have worked out that if you double the 'list price' on the website, that is the approx actual cost when you add in the subscription fee and delivery etc which you pay in addition,
Would recommend the serum foundation, brushes and concealers. Just ordered the skincare which has just been added so will report back once I have received those!

Ivory200 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:42:04

I've been a member for one month, and have the Great Skin foundation in the palest shade (100) which is a perfect match for my pale but blotchy skin. I have a LOT of sun damage, some redness, and blue/purple shadows around my eyes. This foundation does an excellent job of blurring all the things I don't like, while not blanking me out so I look like a china doll. With regard to choosing shades, I just emailed Customer Services with the name and shade of a couple of other brands which suited me, and they sent me out a few little tester pots to try. There was enough for two or three days in each little pot, so I was able to give it a really good trial before deciding. My really good trial included a day when I got up early, applied foundation with no primer or powder, went to the gym for a good workout, then didn't clean my face after. Yucky, I know, but I wanted to see how the makeup would fare under extreme circumstances. At bedtime it was still almost completely perfect.

I will be buying the next shade up for the summer, when I will have a little more colour in my skin.

I also have the One Powder Wonder (a completely invisible finishing powder), the Moonlighting Balm in Soft Soul (very subtle hightlighter, similar to Charlotte Tilbury but less obvious), and two lipsticks. I have Cowboy Nude, which is an almost complete match for Estée Lauder Rose Tea, or a slightly darker version of Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Brown Sugar. Its a good colour go with everything colour on me. I'm fair skinned (BP 100), blue eyed, ash blonde haired. I also have Knockout Punch, which is a pinker toned version of the one above. I find them both really long lasting, and unusually they fade off evenly. So no dark ring left around the mouth!

Hope this helps!

Fishfingersandwich9 Wed 19-Apr-17 18:09:12

Review of some of their products here:

Puggirl007 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:20:32

I opted for the 24hr membership offer I was emailed, so I could purchase without any long-term commitment. I asked their advice on shades after emailing them my current products.
I am delighted with the foundation - lovely finish, actually seems to make me look younger. Goes on really well, nice, natural coverage without looking cakey.
The concealer is good, unfortunately I was recommended a slightly darker shade than my usual one though.
The lipstick is fab, nice and creamy without being too mat or shiny (if that makes sense?). It's really long-lasting too. I brought a Tilbury one recently and I would say the Beauty pie one trumps it.
I got a blusher too, again really nice.
I am prostrate on the sofa at the moment, so can't be specific about exact product names or shades.
I think I will join up now, I had successfully kicked my monthly beauty box habit but this seems a worthwhile alternative. Some reviews have been negative about the packaging but In my opinion it's perfectly fine. To be honest, I couldn't give two hoots about having flashy packaging - less is more as far as I am concerned. It's what's inside that counts😉 and they do skincare now - can't wait to try that!

Minnimamma Wed 19-Apr-17 23:57:36

Hi, I have a beauty pie membership, I have loved a nearly all of the products I have received, I loved the micro mineral serum foundation as it's extremely light on the skin but buildable and moisturising (colour wise I would say go lighter than your usual) The false lash mascara, does exactly what it says, it's a definite hit!
I was not impressed with the bronzer, as on me it became patchy.
My favourite product though had to be the one powder wonder, it is amazing and I simply could not do without it,
I have ordered a LOT of make-up from them and yes I would say it's very good quality and yes I would recommend,
Oh and the lipsticks and lip liners are outstanding! It's high end products at low prices... What's not to love!
I'm currently waiting for the moisturiser to arrive, I hope it's as impressive. 😊

dailystuck71 Thu 20-Apr-17 06:45:58

Does anyone know how to cancel? The FAQ says there is a cancel option in my account but I can't see it!

HectorAndKiki Thu 20-Apr-17 10:51:54

Thanks everyone for all the replies and recommendations (and not what to buy) think I'm going to join and give it a whirl!

NewIdeasToday Mon 01-May-17 22:52:48

Interested to see this thread. After trying out Beauty pie with a special offer (£100 to spend with no monthly payment commitment) I was impressed enough to take out an annual membership. It comes with a really nice free gift that makes the annual Membership a better deal.

I had a couple of things I wasn't impressed with in my trial month - radiance balm
Powder that doesn't show up and concealer that emphasises the lines around my eyes! But I was really pleased with lip liner, Matt lipstick (cowboy nude - great shade) and superglazy lip gloss that I love.

So I decided to give it a go. Look forward to trying some of the new skincare next month.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has recommendations of good products. Thanks.

OCSockOrphanage Mon 03-Jul-17 14:04:18

The Anti-ageing cream is fabulous. I have liked it so much I just replaced it. The colour cosmetics are good, so are the brushes. I am not convinced about the foundations (although I think it's my technique because I only like one, a Japanese gel, and I have tried hundreds). They sent me three decent sized sample pots to test colours and enough product for a few days use so will give them a proper whirl. I have a few other items I plan to try in the months ahead.

MissLea Sat 09-Sep-17 14:00:28

Hi all! Just joined Beauty Pie and had my first delivery and I'm very impressed. I order a sample set of the Everday Great Skin Foundation, there are a few sample sets to choose, I chose the lightest set (only £2 for four colour samples with enough for a couple of full applications each) and the foundation is lovely medium to full coverage. I also ordered a finishing powder, an eye shadow palette, lipstick, lip liner and kohl pencil and they're all really nice. Excellent quality all round. Can't wait for next months allowance to try their brow mousse and primer and some other bits and pieces. 🙂

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