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I am having my colours done by HoC on Monday. If you have had tour colours done is there anything that you wish you had asked during your session?

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fadetoblack Sat 14-Jan-17 09:15:00

The title says it all really, as so many people on Mumsnet have recommended having it done, I thought I would see if I can begin to look a bit better. The me I see in the mirror doesn't seem to reflect how I feel inside (if that makes sense). Thought that this would be a good place to start.
The lady I am meeting seems lovely and has suggested that I bring along some clothes for her to take a look at to see if they are the right colour for me.
Is there anything that would be helpful for me to ask while I am there?

HopperBusTicket Sat 14-Jan-17 09:16:41

Ooh lovely. I am interested in having it done so will watch in interest. Please report back smile

Twooter Sat 14-Jan-17 09:18:26

Not really. It covered everything I could think to ask and more. Good luck!

Sprink Sat 14-Jan-17 09:19:14

Is it the colour analysis you're having, or a full style day? I've had the colour analysis with House of Colour and wasn't asked to bring clothing, that sounds odd and isn't anything to do with the approach they take of hiding hair and putting colour scarves/swatches against your face.

That said, I hope you enjoy yourself. It's great fun to see how your colours make a difference.

DorothyBastard Sat 14-Jan-17 09:24:15

I've had mine done. She was really thorough. She started by explaining their system, then then choosing my season. Then she went through all my colours, rating each one to show whether it was just a good colour or one of my best colours. She also told me what percentage of my body I could wear each colour on.

She showed me which metals and pearls were right for me. She colour matched me for concealer, foundation, 3 lipsticks, blush, and eye makeup.

I was sent away with my fabric swatches, along with their ratings, and a leaflet with all my makeup colours. (And I bought a load of makeup-all of which I have been really impressed with the quality of).

I don't think there was anything I could have asked that she didn't already cover, it was really comprehensive.

I hope you really enjoy it.

Sprink Sat 14-Jan-17 09:35:20

DorothyBastard, that's exactly how it was for me. Perfect description.

fadetoblack Sat 14-Jan-17 10:18:10

Thanks so much for your replies already!
Dorothy all that you have said seems to be the day that she has outlined for me. I am not to wear make up and she has told me that she will be draping me with white as a blank canvas and then putting other colours on. I will have the colours that make me 'pop' (her words!) I think that sh just suggested that I bring clothes along that I like but am not sure of to figure out why I don't wear them.
Did you find that it changed the way that you dress? Do you think that you look better/ feel better in yourself?

fadetoblack Mon 16-Jan-17 19:54:11

It was fantastic! As you explained above, she was very thorough and explained the whole process well. it took a long time to find my colours as I fell between two seasons, eventually we settled on a dark summer. I was surprised as I thought I would be an autumn either orange and browns due to my hair colour. But could really see a difference in the colours that suited me.

What was really helpful was her showing me the differences a few small touches make. I really want to go back for the style day as I can see that it would teach me a lot that I don't know.

The makeup was super and I bought a lipstick. The revelation for me was just the difference between good lipstick made not just to me face, but the whole outfit. She put me in a colour that I would have found really scary before but actually really did suit me.

It is like having a make over on a TV show, but without the people at home/ Google box commenting on how grim you look before!

DianaT1969 Mon 16-Jan-17 20:16:42

I had mine done in my early twenties when my hair was a warm, reddish brown. It's now 40% grey and I went very light all over with highlights recently because I couldn't stand grey roots coming through so prominently every 2 weeks .
I now find that I'm confused about what colours to wear near my face. The old stuff doesn't suit. So my only regret is not asking how my palette would change if I became grey or light blonde. Depending on your age, you might want to ask about that. Although you could keep colouring hair of couse, I just struggled with the salon maintenance.
I do hope you enjoy it!

CoffeeDiamonds Tue 17-Jan-17 04:04:34

I'd love one of these. How do I found one?!

Fuzzypeggy Tue 17-Jan-17 07:55:32

diana I did ask that and was told that you wouldn't move from one season to another because if aging but you might vary slightly within it. Ie go from a jewel winter to a burnished winter. I wonder if your colours don't suit you next to your face now because you've coloured your hair to a colour that's not natural for you? My consultant told me that if I coloured my hair in a warm tone (as I am a cool toned winter) that it wouldn't suit me and my clothing colours would not go with my hair.

fadetoblack Tue 17-Jan-17 13:25:48

coffee just pop in your post code here and find your nearest representative

fadetoblack Tue 17-Jan-17 13:48:09

DianaT1969 Tue 17-Jan-17 13:51:43

Fuzzypeggy, thanks for that. I think my hair is too cool and that's why I don't suit spring colours anymore. Interestingly, I put a warm strawberry blonde toner on it today and got a few compliments smile

MyVisionsComeFromSoup Tue 17-Jan-17 13:57:57

I'm wearing colours I'd never have gone near in a million years (bright orange is one my of my "wear all over" colours shock), and I get people telling me how well I look. She did cover hair dye with me, but I'd already ditched the dye and embraced the grey by that point.

RunWalkCrawlbutMove Tue 17-Jan-17 13:59:41

That is my advice. Go with a friend also

I was last - I got about 15 mins. The first got over an hour - had it all talked through etc. My mate had about 45 mins - enough time. Mine was so rushed. I have read this but if advice subsequently so it is obviously common.
If you have a tendency to lose stuff I would ask how much it costs to have a spare colours wallet. To buy them after costs £75. They must cost £3 or so to produce.

Also - if you like the lipsticks buy them. I got two and they are my favs to this day. I thought their foundation was fab too. I bought that as well.
Don't be upset with your colours. I wanted winter - everyone does apparently. It has all the jewels and black and white. I am a bright spring. We had to say which colour we hated. I said coral. I thought it was all frumpy and middle aged. Guess what. It is my best colour. And I have fully embraced all my colours. You have to just go for it. I dress in colours a CBeebies presenter would be made to wear and love it! I look fab!

Enjoy it. It revolutionised shopping for clothes and makeup for me. It is so much easier now. I don't tell everyone though - younger people I find are quite scornful about it but I wish I had done it years ago. I look so much better now.

Embrace the change!

RunWalkCrawlbutMove Tue 17-Jan-17 14:00:50

Oh. I was too late. blush Glad you loved it though.

womanwithoutasong Tue 17-Jan-17 16:28:10

Just wanted to jump in and say it's definitely worth getting your style done as well (and the business style if you work in that sort of environment 'corporate/sales' etc..) as you get a whole day.

I'm a blue spring and wanted to be a summer but the difference the brightness has made to me is astonishing. People are always telling me I look great <blush> whereas before, I looked fashionable but washed out (was wearing summer colours).

To the person who wondered what to do when you go grey, get older, simply go up a level, so a bright spring becomes a light spring etc. Just tone it down to match your own colour value but don't switch colour family.

MyVision one of my best colours is orange too and I have to say it looks amazing. <preens>

fadetoblack Tue 17-Jan-17 17:16:45

I was really lucky and I was just the consultant and I and I was with her for four hours! It took a while to get my colours right and then she talked more about the percentage of colour I should wear.
I definitely want to have the style day. She showed me how a few small changes made a huge difference to her overall appearance. ( jewellery, lipstick and length of top) she went from looking glamorous to plain.

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