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Can anyone find this coat for me?

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Darthvadersmuuuum Fri 13-Jan-17 17:40:05

Long shot, I realise but I've fallen for a gorgeous coat on but they don't have it in Size S.

This is it,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_596023Z_color=06600&dwvar_596023Z_size=XL&start=4&q=Duster%20coat

They have it in a different colour but I want this one. I've searched eBay and there's a powder blue one but I really like the grey. I've also googled till my thumbs were sore but had no luck. If you have one in your wardrobe that you'd part with for cold, hard cash, or if you're an internet whiz and could point me in the right direction, I'll be eternally grateful (looking resplendent in my gorgeous coat).


Darthvadersmuuuum Fri 13-Jan-17 18:38:11

Eek after rereading I sound like Veruca Salt blush

AgathaMystery Sat 14-Jan-17 08:52:18

Zara had v similar in the sale yesterday. Not reversible but grey.

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