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How to be smart and warm at work?

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iismum Fri 13-Jan-17 08:13:44

I don't need to be formal at work - I could get away with being quite scruffy - but I like to look reasonably professional so go for sort of smart casual. I also really feel the cold and can't bear feeling chilly.

At the moment I tend to wear smart skirts with thick wool tights (and often a thinner pair underneath!) and nice but warm jumpers, which I think is fine. But I want to start wearing trousers more and I find that the trousers and jumpers combo - even with smart trousers and jumpers - looks a bit casual. There are lots of lovely blouses, cardigans and jackets in the shops but they don't look at all warm.

How does everyone else stay warm and smart?

Eliza22 Fri 13-Jan-17 08:57:22


Kr1stina Fri 13-Jan-17 08:59:50

Uniqlo heattech

Lweji Fri 13-Jan-17 09:10:16

I do wear trousers and jumpers. smile But I'm not sure I look smart enough.

I think it depends on the trousers and the jumpers.

I prefer straight leg trousers, preferably of wool, to look smart. Skinnies always tend to look more casual. As does cotton or artificial fibres.

Then jumpers need an elegant touch, or the type that can be paired with a nice blouse or shirt.
As a last resort, you could get proper thermal underwear. Look at the sports gear for snow, etc and see if you could wear it under your blouses.
Something like this

I suffer with the cold and even wear loose fitting leggings under my trousers in the winter.

Clearoutre Fri 13-Jan-17 09:13:53

Stick to jumpers & trousers but add a statement necklace or long pendant necklace to 'edge up'
the look? Layering with uniqlo is a clever idea. If you have a reasonably discreet desk job may be sit with a blanket over your lap or stealthily have a hot water bottle! Also scarves...but then they got a bashing on here recently!

pitterpatterrain Fri 13-Jan-17 09:14:55

Agree with PP - uniqlo heat tech. Complete revelation for me

Plus a light uniqlo gilet for walking to / from if I have something on that would not cover my belly (open jacket) which would be fine once indoors

ElspethFlashman Fri 13-Jan-17 09:17:21

I always wore M&S black thermals under my clothes back in the day when I worked in a freezing office.

Also, I've found that a sharp shirt collar showing over a thin jumper does smarten it up instantly.

specialsubject Fri 13-Jan-17 13:06:57

An office that is cold? Amazing!

Some decent thermals are the way to go. Stock up on men's ones at an outdoor shop to get performance, a good price and no itchy lace.

HowardMoonsJazzTrumpet Fri 13-Jan-17 13:12:13

Yy to thin thermal layers underneath your smart clothes. I used to be a district nurse and some of the houses were chuffing freezing (v rural, no central heating). I wore thermals under my uniform. It's the only way to fly.

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Fri 13-Jan-17 13:16:08

thermals are your friend smile

brassbrass Fri 13-Jan-17 13:21:46

if you stick to smart tailored trousers and a crisp shirt or smart blouse (something with a tie-neck for example) under your jumper and layer with tights, thermals etc you should still look very smart.

Make sure the jumper isn't bobbly. Polo necks would also work but make sure they are crisp and fit you properly, not too long, neck snug....

brassbrass Fri 13-Jan-17 13:28:01

this sort of thing? but I would tuck the shirt in and swap the boots for brogues

blodynmawr Fri 13-Jan-17 14:11:44

I just wear usual office clothes with a thermal vest underneath and a scarf. My feet are the worst so I put sheepskin insoles in all my winter shoes and boots, and wear two pairs of thin thermal socks (e.g. M&S), which I find is warmer and less bulky than one pair of thick socks. HTH smile

sarahnova69 Fri 13-Jan-17 14:14:45

I wear sharp, pressed trousers and nice jumpers all the time. Add a nice statement necklace and some ankle boots (flat or heeled) and I think that's plenty smart, especially in a smart casual office. But yes, the trousers need to be well cut, not skinny, and not denim.

You could also wear a blanket scarf or shawl as a style statement - there are loads about at the moment.

iismum Fri 13-Jan-17 19:27:09

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Am going to invest in thermal underwear and shorts to go under jumpers. Only problem is that I often cycle to work and shirts don't travel well in panniers!

It seems like most smart trousers around at the moment are skinny - where is a good place to go for well-tailored trousers?

iismum Fri 13-Jan-17 19:28:01

Err ... I mean shirts to go under jumpers, not shorts!

LaPampa Fri 13-Jan-17 20:25:19

I always wear a vest and sometimes thermals. Thermal tights from m&s.

Mind you our office seems to be warmer in the winter so I often find myself in just a blouse with a wool skirt and tights

0dfod Fri 13-Jan-17 21:57:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucy101101 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:01:51

Another vote for Uniqlo, I am never cold anymore! Primark often do good thermals too - they are nearly as good as my Uniqlo, definitely as warm but not quite so well designed so slightly less streamlined under clothes. They also do fleece lined tights and leggings which are super warm and neat under clothes.

Topnotes Fri 13-Jan-17 22:32:31

lkbennett are my favourite for well cut trousers that fit. But they are pricey and I will only buy their stuff in the sale

Annarose2014 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:45:19

Check out bibs and collar pieces. ASOS have several. Sorts the pannier issue.

daimbar Fri 13-Jan-17 23:04:19

I wear high waisted tailored trousers, with a smart top / blouse tucked in with a jacket or blazer to keep warm. A blazer smartens up the outfit more than a jumper or cardie.

This Zara jacket is reduced from 80 to 20 and will keep you toasty.

daimbar Fri 13-Jan-17 23:04:50

Forgot to add the link

Nettletheelf Fri 13-Jan-17 23:12:06

Easy. My smart winter uniform is:

Skinny trousers
Smart jacket (Chanel tweedy style or military style)
Sleeveless silk top, not tucked in, or pussy bow blouse, tucked in.
Vest underneath
Knee length leather, or suede over the knee, boots.

I work in a very dressed up profession and this combo has never failed me.

Trousers and jumpers look too 'undone' for work, in my opinion.

I don't like that Zara jacket, sorry daimbar!

Thegiantofillinois Fri 13-Jan-17 23:17:08

I find thick tights warmer than trousers, they don't let the air in. If I do winter trousers,I l like a tight, low cut jumper with a shirt underneath. I'm quite tall, so can carry off vaguely 'mannish' .

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