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... To ask you to find this dress?

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FallenArchesBrokenDreams Thu 12-Jan-17 18:47:42

3am all night googling, looking for a dress for a special occasion.
Looked at loads, but stupidly didn't bookmark the possibles.
Now I can't find it!

My browsing history automatically clears, so that's no help.

Mystery dress details -
Navy lace material.
Sleeves, possibly short
Knee-ish length

Distinguishing feature
It had a contrast insert band in black solid lace, around the waist, and inserted above the hem.

Would have been a UK site, and not high end designer priced.
Most probably £200 tops.

Can you find it mumsnet sleuths?
Thanks in anticipation wine

Schwifty Thu 12-Jan-17 18:50:31

Make sure you change your settings before this gets wiped too! Good luck

FallenArchesBrokenDreams Thu 12-Jan-17 18:59:16

I'll bookmark it this time if it gets found!

JsOtherHalf Thu 12-Jan-17 19:01:29

What dress size?

namechange20050 Thu 12-Jan-17 19:02:43

You should post this in style & beauty. Those ladies can track down anything

JsOtherHalf Thu 12-Jan-17 19:04:25

If you are size 6 or 8:,default,pd.html?_%24ja=tsid%253A44970%257Ccid%253A207133915%257Cagid%253A10144365115%257Ctid%253Apla-115072917475%257Ccrid%253A56045899435%257Cnw%253Ag%257Crnd%253A12472488728311206293%257Cdvc%253At%257Cadp%253A1o5%257Cmt%253A

JsOtherHalf Thu 12-Jan-17 19:06:29

Size 10 or 12

Steviea88 Thu 12-Jan-17 19:08:37

I was just about to say about the phase eight dress as above?

ChocoChou Thu 12-Jan-17 19:16:47

Sounds like it could be by self portrait

FallenArchesBrokenDreams Thu 12-Jan-17 19:42:31

Thank you for all suggestions so far.
The phase eight luisa dress (gorgeous!) is very similar, but Mystery dress definitely had black inserts.
Also was a bit wider skirt. I'm quite heavy bottom half and pencil skirts don't do my bum any favours!

Off to check self portrait after supper...

Troubleinstore Thu 12-Jan-17 19:57:33

Try Chi Chi London. ...sounds similar to some of theirs

FrogsSpawnofSanta Thu 12-Jan-17 20:32:39

If it is this one then it is the same one I bought today.

LouMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-Jan-17 20:39:35

Evening all. We're moving this thread into Style and Beauty at the OP's request. Hope you find the Dress Of Dreams, Fallen!

FallenArchesBrokenDreams Thu 12-Jan-17 20:42:56

FrogsSpawnofSanta is brilliant!
That's the dress even though it is NOTHING like I described!
(Not lace, no sleeves...blush)

Is it lovely? What's the sizing like?

FallenArchesBrokenDreams Thu 12-Jan-17 20:45:59

I'll have to work on the bingo wings if I'm going to go sleeveless!

FrogsSpawnofSanta Thu 12-Jan-17 21:14:40

It is a lovely dress. Sizing wise it is ok but not over generous. The black band is sitting a bit high on me rather than at the waist, don't know if it is because I am tall and have quite a long body or the more likely I need to lose a couple of pounds for it.

I'm the same with the bingo wings. I have four weeks to work on them. Any tips/ miracles welcome smile

0dfod Thu 12-Jan-17 23:04:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FallenArchesBrokenDreams Thu 12-Jan-17 23:06:24

Yup! Got the 1kg weights on the go!

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