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selected femme dress - poppers??

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itchylegs Thu 12-Jan-17 11:30:02

I bought a Selected Femme Sasha dress in the sales and realise I don't understand it! It has little poppers and loops on the shoulder seams inside - are these for bra straps or something. Also it has a strip of ribbon across the neckline with Selected Femme written on it. Am I supposed to cut this out? All very confusing. Can anyone help?? Didn't know dresses could be so difficult.

botemp Thu 12-Jan-17 11:41:24

Is it a wide necked/wide bare expanse at the front dress? If so, then yes the poppers and loops are to hook in your bra straps so they stay in place a little further than their natural place to accommodate the barer front and not have your bra straps accidentally showing. The ribbon is most likely to help keep it on the hanger by looping it around the metal bit as it's most likely a slippery fabric and they'd be on the floor continually in the shop (cheaper to fabricate than the two loops in the armpit and you don't need special hangers), you can cut it out if you like or keep it for similar purposes.

itchylegs Thu 12-Jan-17 12:18:28

Thanks Botemp - makes sense - it has a scooped back, s o I guess the bra straps would be better held.

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