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Foxy or frumpy ?

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PimmsIsMyDrinkOfChoice Wed 11-Jan-17 16:52:59

I have very "sensible" feet and live in flats. but have a hankering for some high heels.
I've been watching the new Ecco Shape range to see if they got reduced, and finally tried some on today

Suprisingly comfortable but are they frumpy?

I like these laced ones and the Mary janes with studded strap.
Comments please!

SeaweedSa1ad Wed 11-Jan-17 16:59:28

I really like the lace up ones and the pattern of the leather. Really really don't like the random studs on the strap of the others, they look awful to me.

I think the lace up ones would go with lots of outfits.

Teaspoon74 Wed 11-Jan-17 17:01:00

The lace ups are lovely!

PimmsIsMyDrinkOfChoice Wed 11-Jan-17 17:06:50

The photo of the lace ups is a bit misleading, the laced bit doesn't meet in the middle when on the foot but there is a 2 inch gap between. (My feet are averagely slim).

I'm flipflopping bewteen loving the lace ups, and thinking they look like something a Victorian governess would wear.
The strapy Mary Janes are safer but less interesting.

I'm not sure if "interesting" is good or not!

Boolovessulley Wed 11-Jan-17 17:38:35

I like the second ones and have a similar pair but they don't have studs on.

BusterGonad Thu 12-Jan-17 14:07:48

I actually think they are nice, I preferred the second pair but I'm all for the cutsie look, it does also depend on the rest of your clothes/style though!

LadyOfTheCanyon Thu 12-Jan-17 15:51:30

The lace ups are lovely but I would swap the thin lace for some more luxe ribbon to glam them up a bit.

AFierceBadRabbit Thu 12-Jan-17 16:00:56

a velvet thin ribbon would be nice.
i too prefer the lace ankle shoe. not at all governessy - they would not wear a stiletto heel and show ankle!

i can't stand heeled mary janes but theyre not frumpy, i just don't get on with them even though they look fine on other people.

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