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Really solid advice on vitamins, superfoods and supplements.....

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MagicChicken Wed 11-Jan-17 05:49:43

....with general health, menopause, anti-ageing and weight loss support in mind?

I'm not sure whether I should post this in S&B or in Health so I'm going to do both, sorry! blush

I am going through the menopause now and also making a concerted effort to eat much more healthily, do more exercise, lose weight, give up or at least cut right down on the booze etc.

I have accumulated quite a stash of various pills, potions and supplements that I sometimes take and sometimes don't and I've got into a bit of a muddle about what is truly worthwhile taking and what isn't and what quantities you need to take in order for them to be remotely effective, what they are best absorbed with etc., etc.

EG. Turmeric. I have been taking turmeric capsules on and off for a few weeks and read on here the other day that the capsules are rubbish and turmeric is only effective when taken fresh in a milky warm drink. confused

Have looked on Amazon for a good no-nonsense bible of this this info but there are so many books it's a struggle to identify the well researched reliable ones from the woo and the batshit.

Can anyone recommend a really good all-encompassing book that covers the most important basics or a really good website to help me unravel it all please?


simmonsbythesea Wed 11-Jan-17 12:23:41

I don't think you will find the one "bible" book you are looking for. The "pills, potions and supplements" you speak of are often seen as quick fixes, unsubstantiated with solid peer reviewed medical research and evidence of long term success.

That's not say there is no truth in the some of the claims of these things but often you need to take the active ingredient in vast quantities, in the correct way, and certainly not "on and off for a few weeks" for there to be any, if any, benefit at all. Also there's a lot to be said for the placebo effect with many of them.

For general health, menopause and weight loss, I would look at your diet and fitness. Not what you want to hear probably, but there is no pill or potion that will allow you to eat crap food and sit on the sofa all day.

To kind of answer your question, maybe look at the NHS publications regarding diet and nutrition, backed up by the Dept of Health, and book a session with a dietician or nutritionist who might give you more specific advise about menopause and weight loss.

Anti-ageing - you can't reverse the ageing process, so get over it. But your skin, eye, hair etc will drastically improve with the right diet and exercise. Good luck.

ellequick Wed 11-Jan-17 12:30:58

You might find How Not to Die by Michael Greger interesting. All entirely science-based, you might already be familiar with the Nutrition Facts website. I've found it absolutely fascinating, have recommended it to a lot of people:

ellequick Wed 11-Jan-17 12:34:46

Regarding turmeric specifically, it doesn't have to be a warm milky drink but it is fat soluble so is far better absorbed by the body when consumed in food or drink. Pepper also increases the bioavailability. Golden tea is a good way to get it, or a good curry smile

Pestilence13610 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:41:51

Second the curry as a way of taking turmeric (with loads of veg), sweet potato is said to be good for menopause and upping vegetable consumption is generally very good for you.
The only tablet proven to work is HRT
If your diet is reasonable, you shouldn't need supplements. The odd multi vit etc will help remind you that you are meant to be taking care of yourself.
Avoid the snake oil peddlers, some supplements can be harmful, most are expensive.

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