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It's a long shot.....but........anyone know of any discount codes for Links of London!!!

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winniewoo Thu 22-Feb-07 13:38:09

Trying to get a 40th birthday present for my sister..any savings would be gratefuly received!

MagicalMay Thu 22-Feb-07 17:33:25

Try searching on ebay - i have bought links for 99p (for cheap train travel, flights etc)

spykid Thu 22-Feb-07 18:21:45

ooooh, wearing my sweetie bracelet now!!

sorry no codes though.

some good deals on ebay......

Whoooosh Thu 22-Feb-07 18:23:09

I have hankered over their Noahs' ark and animals for DD but worked out it would cost about £1500 for the whole set

winniewoo Thu 22-Feb-07 19:30:00

Oh Spykid.......
It's the sweetie ring I am after..she got the bracelet for Christmas..but 75 pounds. Ok price but DH said the budget is 50!!!

spykid Thu 22-Feb-07 20:53:00

what about some charms for her bracelet, they are £30 ish

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