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Measuring waist for trousers (no stretch)

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LiquoriceWheel Tue 10-Jan-17 10:40:27

My natural waist is approximately 31 inches (it is the most narrow part of my waist aka 'tipping to the side like a teapot' as per Boden sizing).

I am 5 '8 and my natural waist is 3.5 inches ABOVE my navel. Why would I measure so high up for ordinary 'mid-rise' trousers? If I measure AROUND my actual navel (where most trousers would sit) I am around 37 inches around. Surely the latter is the more realistic measure for non-stretch trousers? confused Which is the correct measurement? Please smile

banivani Tue 10-Jan-17 11:16:59

Well, if the measuring guide says "measure your waist here" (usually at natural waist) then that is the measurement they want I've always assumed. Then the actual waist of the trousers, if they are designed to be mid-rise, should be proportionately bigger, based on the idea that people with waist X and hips Y will have mid-rise XY.

However sizing guides don't always accurately reflect how the clothes will fit, sadly ...

LiquoriceWheel Tue 10-Jan-17 12:03:04

Thanks for your reply banivani, what you're saying makes sense. However, I should technically be a size 14 in that case but in real life 14 is way too small. Urgh, I loathe clothes shopping grin. I think I'll just size up to a 16 and hope for the best cake.

banivani Tue 10-Jan-17 13:05:14

No problem! Good luck, clothes shopping online is awful.

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