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Does anyone have a good black top for an hourglass shape they would like to share with me please ?

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imjessie Mon 09-Jan-17 17:52:16

A lot of tops hide the fact I have a small rib cage and waist because I have big boobs . Im going to a party and would like to wear my lovely coated jeans with a black top but would like to show off my waist and boobs ( if possible ) but would settle for waist ... does anyone have any gems they would like to share ? Please

Weebleswobbles Mon 09-Jan-17 20:47:39

Corset style tops are my go to - I e got several different types from eBay mostly. They really show off an hour glass figure when teamed with jeans and heels

imjessie Mon 09-Jan-17 22:12:35

Thank you but I think I'm too old
For a corset though .. I was hoping for a fitted top of some description . smile

YesThisIsMe Mon 09-Jan-17 22:15:18

How about an open neck crisp cotton shirt with a laced corset-style back to pull it in at the waist.? Available online I think .

AgathaF Mon 09-Jan-17 22:23:38

I'm always looking for that sort of top too, and because there aren't too many of them around, if I see a good one I tend to buy it. You probably need something with lycra in, thinnish material, maybe something with a simple cowl type of neck so it's not tight across your chest but fitted elsewhere. TKMaxx often have that type of thing in. Maybe this sort of shape but in black?

Orangepeppers Tue 10-Jan-17 07:30:12

Spendy but perfect on hourglasses. It's hard to tell as no photo of it on a model but it hugs all the right places

InfiniteSheldon Tue 10-Jan-17 07:34:43

I bought a beautiful black top in Bravissimo I have a classic hourglass 12 bottom 10 waist and a 32G bust. Clothes in Bravissimo have improved hugely in the last year I used to find them really baggy around the waist this in a thin jumper I love it.

InfiniteSheldon Tue 10-Jan-17 07:36:40

BWatchWatcher Tue 10-Jan-17 07:38:17

Boden do a ruched top in black that fits in that way. Less funky than a corset though!

SaltySeaBird Tue 10-Jan-17 07:40:48

Was just going to say Boden ruched top. Definitely worth ordering to try.

JoeMaplin Tue 10-Jan-17 07:40:53

I'm a completely different shape, but my friend who is a petite, very curvy hourglass buys tops from Pepperberry.

InfiniteSheldon Tue 10-Jan-17 07:42:35

I am going to compile a shopping list from this thread already added that Viv Westwood cowl neck but not sure if it's too fussy with my norks

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:43:01

Thank you , good suggestions .. it is indeed hard to find a good fit for hourglass . I'm not keen on the corset look as I want to look well dressed , understated , healthy etc( I'm going to a party and will see people I haven't seen for years if that makes sense ) I just want to look good . Shirts don't really fit well and the jumper although lovely is a bit plain . My boobs don't need to be on show but I find they make me look fatter if they are covered if that makes sense ? So a v neck top or something along those lines Is what I'm after .

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:43:58

I also find a cowl neck makes me look bigger as it adds bulk .

BearFoxBear Tue 10-Jan-17 07:45:51

Collectif have loads of nice tops that show off your figure without being too outrageous. I love this one in particular - and it's half price, so I had to buy both!


imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:46:12

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:46:43

Just looking on bravissimo now but I don't like the rib effect confused

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:53:53

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:54:25

Found a plain one ! Now to work out sizes ! I'll look at Boden too .

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 07:55:22

Infinite .. that's my exact size , what size did you get ?

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Tue 10-Jan-17 07:59:09

That Bravissimo top is fab. I might be buying that myself.

I've got the Boden wrap top ruched dress which is very flattering. I imagine the top would be great as well.

SaltySeaBird Tue 10-Jan-17 08:05:44

The Boden top is! It is also not at all corset like just shape enhancing without hoiking up and putting boobs on show.

NotMeNoNo Tue 10-Jan-17 08:14:19

Last season Bravissimo had a low back , boat neck black top which I have - might be a few in clearance. It's polyester but a very pretty shape, you can dress it up with jewellery.
this one

imjessie Tue 10-Jan-17 08:56:25

I'm looking at your link now bear

InfiniteSheldon Fri 13-Jan-17 17:57:26

Sorry been away I normally wear a 12 but find Pepperberry come up big so I have this in a 10

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