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Can I have a fringe and wear glasses?

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KickAssAngel Mon 09-Jan-17 02:19:08

Most of my adult life I've had a fringe. Then, a couple of years ago I didn't get my hair cut for ages and it just grew out. I used to think I looked dreadful without a fringe, now I think I look OK and liked the change. But I've just got glasses which I really love. They really draw attention to my eyes (I think).

I normally wear lenses but intend to wear glasses or lenses depending on my mood/what I'm doing.

But would glass and a fringe look OK together?

When I google images, the glasses all look quite dark & 'statement' glasses, which mine aren't.

WallToWallBastards Mon 09-Jan-17 02:41:49

Do it. I've always had fringe and glasses.

WallToWallBastards Mon 09-Jan-17 02:42:39

Just a warning though, when my fringe gets a bit long the glasses start training it in a side fringe.

OliviaBensonOnAGoodDay Mon 09-Jan-17 03:15:19

Yeah! I do anyway.

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