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Dealing with long hair- help

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DelphineCormier Sun 08-Jan-17 18:32:38

DD has really, really long hair, down to her bum long. It's gorgeous, but I'm getting to the point with it where I really think it needs to be her taking over the maintanence, and the length means it's harder to keep in good condition. I've never had long hair but she absolutely will no not cut it and I have bigger battles to fight with her right now. The main issue is brushing it out and blow drying it. If I leave her to deal with it herself in the evening it will be a tangled mess the next morning and I'll be the one who has to fix it. At the moment using leave in conditioner and a comb to brush it out wet but she's struggling to do that and keep it tangle free. Overnight started plaiting it which has made a huge difference, the issue is washing it really. Hoping for some expert advice because I suck at this stuff blush

Saggingninja Sun 08-Jan-17 20:29:05

I feel your pain Delphine as my DD also has long hair, but now at the age of 12 - she's decided to have a few layers and has been persuaded to get some chopped off to make it more manageable. So hang tight - there is hope!

You could try getting some coconut oil and heating it very gently (or not) and massage it into dry hair, leaving overnight. You need a towel on the pillow or just wash the pillow but I found a weekly coconut oil mask, a cheap and effective way of de-tangling. You can also (in place of serum) add a few drops of coconut or hair oil to a brush and work it through dry hair for a bit of extra moisture. I also bought a teezer which seems to work much better than either a brush or comb.

I also buy the Waitrose Pure shampoo/conditioner range - not expensive and no sulfates, and DD only washes her hair once. I also get her to put a few drops of lemon into the final rinse (or vinegar). Plaits are a great idea.

You could also try the Dafni hair straightening brush which is nearly £90 but as long as its used on dry hair, you can literally brush the hair straight and smooth.

Good luck! smile

DelphineCormier Sun 15-Jan-17 23:01:24

I am a huge fan of coconut oil for skin but have never tried it for hair, I will be trying it now! I've bought her a tangle teezer, so far it's making a big difference, brilliant suggestion. I'm trying to persuade her to donate it to one of the charities that make it into wigs for cancer patients at the moment, she likes the idea of giving her hair to another child, but has measured her hair, decided how much she is willing to part with and has decided she will need to grow it longer so she doesn't have to part with as much of it. So that totally backfired! Good to hear your DD has become less sentimental about it though, I never had long hair as a child so can't relate!

PastysPrincess Sun 15-Jan-17 23:23:48

I have had very long hair and it can be tricky but when it comes to brushing there is a very easy way for her to detangle her hair...
1. divide the hair into 4 sections and clip three out of the way.
2. gather the loose hair into one handful and brush just the end (roughly the last three inches)
3. Once the tangles are out, repeat for the next three inches, then the next three, until you get to the roots.
4. Repeat for each section of hair clipped up.

If you brush from the roots downward all you are doing is making the tangle tighter and tighter.

PastysPrincess Sun 15-Jan-17 23:24:26

Oh and coconut oil is FABULOUS for your hair and skin.

Mellowautumn Mon 16-Jan-17 00:10:40

Dry shampoo can be a godsend for long hair that takes a lot of effort washing and drying x

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