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Ofalltheginjoints Sun 08-Jan-17 17:58:00

New year new me and all that has got me thinking, I'm starting a weight loss plan which will hopefully be successful but until I get to my goal size I am pretty much at a loss as to get out of the rut I'm in.

I mostly live in jeans but do have some beautiful dresses for black tie events, I don't wear many dresses in day to day life but do like the skater style and think it suits me (age 30 size 14)

I think my biggest problem is my confidence, due to my disability I switched between a wheelchair and crutches to get around with and with the crutches about 70% of the time a knee brace which can range in size from just the knee to full leg length and everything in between so tend to wear jeans that are wide leg to fit it underneath so it doesn't attract too much attention.
That said I've been called various names whilst on nights out and just in general lift so that doesn't always work.
Skinny jeans don't work for me given the brace and muscle wastage just horrendous however I have recently been able to wear knee high boots with my jeans minus brace I didn't know if it looked daft tho

I'm after any advice anyone would be willing to give I love scarves and tend to wear one daily and love coats but maybe thought a smart jacket/blazer may help (nothing too formal?)
Oh and the one thing I do feel confident is about my hair, probably my best feature

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