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Comfortable and smart shoes - do they exist?

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helloitsme Sun 08-Jan-17 14:27:05

I'm just about to go back to the working world after years out being a mum. In the meantime I've developed knee problems that mean I need really supportive and comfortable shoes. I currently wear fit flops of all kinds at home, but I really don't think their workish things are smart enough. Can anyone suggest something which is comfortable and nice?? Is it too much to ask?

blodynmawr Sun 08-Jan-17 14:48:19

Something from Clarks unstructured?. I have a version of 'Un Cass' from this range from a few years ago. They are still going strong and are the most comfortable shoes I own, albeit fairly plain! I also see many hospital nurses wearing 'Un Loop' and, despite these probably being the least attractive design in the range, their evident popularity must be a testament to how comfy they are for folks who are on their feet all day!
Alternatively, a friend who is a consultant anaesthetist and who spends most of her day on her feet swears by M&S footglove
HTH smile

helloitsme Sun 08-Jan-17 14:57:50

Thanks blodynmawr. Both of those links were surprisingly much better than I expected! I'm not sure whether I'll be able to get away with heels (I suspect I won't), but the uncass look genuinely nice. The other clarks I was less keen, but might swing by Clarks and M and S and give some a try. Are they supportive as well as comfy do you know? I had to ditch my sketchers recently because though they are very comfortable, my physiotherapist says they are much too flat...had to throw away my slippers too for the same reason!
PS - what's the story behind your username?

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