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Has anyone tried Lush's colour supplement range?

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VladmirsPoutine Sun 08-Jan-17 12:49:41

How is it? Or do you have any recommendations for a decent tinted moisturiser?

Dulcimena Sun 08-Jan-17 13:00:33

Yes - quite a while ago though (5+ years?). I quite liked it but found it worked best when diluted with a moisturiser, I think it could be quite heavy-looking and possibly drying when used neat - but oddly didn't have fantastic coverage for blemishes etc if used neat. I was drawn to it because it had a relatively clean ingredients list I think. Doesn't have a particularly long shelf life, I think it went off before I was even half way through the jar (but I tend to use things up quite slowly anyway). It wasn't expensive from what I remember. If I was in the market for something like this I'd give it another go.

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