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Footner 2017

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goinglocomoto Sun 08-Jan-17 08:42:25

Just ordered the cheap version off Amazon (Purederm) and couldn't quite believe my luck - it's same day delivery so can get started tonight grin. Anyone else doing Footer at the moment/want to join in the fun?

FishlessCake Sun 08-Jan-17 09:34:39

I'm 3 days in smile I've had to shell out for the proper brand as the cheaper didn't work for me, but my mother had amazing results (perhaps mine was an off one?). So I soaked my feet in hot water for an hour twice yesterday and once already today. I've got tights in but can feel my feet already cracking and soundin crispy confused.
I will update with a photo as soon as I have lift off.

FishlessCake Sun 08-Jan-17 09:35:23

On not in

FishlessCake Sun 08-Jan-17 09:35:53

Also missed the g off sounding. Ahhhhh hate this phone

chanie44 Sun 08-Jan-17 10:43:46

I'm just coming to the end of the zombie feet. I used purederm and it works for me.

goinglocomoto Tue 10-Jan-17 20:37:16

@FishlessCake, how are your feet doing? Any photos?!

Mine arrived yesterday. Put the socks on for two hours so it will be a few days before anything exciting happens. Will update with photos when it happens. Let the peeling commence!

goinglocomoto Mon 16-Jan-17 20:30:54

It's started

PookieSnackenberger Mon 16-Jan-17 21:42:06

For the love of God NOOOOOOO!

I was suckered by this last May and ended up with feet that looked like I was recovering from 3rd degree burns. It took weeks for that weird tight feeling to go too. Also, I found my feet went red looking rather than their normal skin tone. Never again.

LazySusan11 Sat 21-Jan-17 13:25:55

I used the purederm ones 5 days ago...nothing, so disappointed!

whiteblankpage Sat 21-Jan-17 21:25:05

I got some footer in my stocking and did it to start the new year

My feet are so so beautiful, my DH is jealous! BUT what's the best way of keeping them like this as long as possible? Regular moisturising, weekly filing?

They truly are glorious by the way, Im' just sad it's not summer so I can wear fancy shoes

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