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What product do you use on your leather handbags?

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u32ng Sat 07-Jan-17 08:41:48

I've got a designer leather bag that could do with nourishing as the leather is feeling a bit dry. What can I put on it? Don't want to put on any old thing in case it damages it or just attracts dirt.

So just wondering what you use on yours so I know it works!

gonegrey56 Sat 07-Jan-17 08:55:35

I use Urad shoe polish from Lakeland. Test it first on an inside part of your bag however. Some leathers are very porous and go slightly darker. But this product is brilliant I think!

fluffypigs Sat 07-Jan-17 09:11:04

I just use a normal neutral leather protector spray. I once tried neutral polish but it changed the colour a bit. Spray seems to work fine.

chanie44 Sat 07-Jan-17 09:12:31

I use a water proofer for leather.

I'm place marking.

AgathaMystery Sat 07-Jan-17 12:44:14

Colonil cream every time. Get a white/light coloured sock that you won't use again and rub it in generously. A decent sized handbag will use 1/4 to 1/3 of a tub. Then when it's soaked in nicely just blitz it with colonil spray.

ChocoChou Sat 07-Jan-17 12:45:27

(Shameless place marking)

AgathaMystery Sat 07-Jan-17 12:45:37

(Have used colonil on Mulbs, LV, Prada & Chanel with no issues - just put a good film on as if you do it right you will be spending about an hour on each bag. Some bags need two goes)

AgathaMystery Sat 07-Jan-17 12:46:58

Also - & this might sound obvious - do stuff the bags between uses and when you spray them. It helps them keep a lovely shape. I refurb designer bags to re sell and swear by colonil.

CointreauVersial Sat 07-Jan-17 17:06:49

I did have one handbag that had gone very washed-out and dry (bag was leather, but not designer). I colour-matched some renovating cream (Woly Shoe Cream) and rubbed that in - the bag was transformed and all the colour restored.

Leviticus Sat 07-Jan-17 18:35:17

Doesn't the polish rub off on your clothes though?

CointreauVersial Sat 07-Jan-17 18:37:45

Mine didn't. You have to buff buff buff, though.

OpheIiaBaIIs Sat 07-Jan-17 23:51:57

Woly is fabulous if your bag's looking a bit dry and faded, it restores colour while it nourishes. But yes, you have to buff it like mad.

Colonil is also brilliant - the waterproof spray is a must on lighter/untreated leathers. I've used my oak Mulberrys for years in all weathers with no ill effects thanks to it.

For natural leathers I use a tiny bit of olive oil buffed well in - only on unlined, thick leather though. It deepens the colour and nourishes and adds slight waterproofing too.

BeauHeaux Sun 08-Jan-17 15:15:48

As above, Colonil.

u32ng Sun 08-Jan-17 20:12:15

Thanks! Is that the colonil leather gel? Will get some spray too actually as I have other bags that could do with a protective coat including a tan coloured Michael kors bag that I use for work and have been known to put it in an m&s plastic bag in the rain - classy!grin and kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice bag haha

Hohumming Sun 08-Jan-17 20:58:14

Where can I get Colonil please?

Bit of a long shot, does anyone know if I could use on an unfinished tan bag that has marked from rubbing against the leg of my jeans?

BeauHeaux Sun 08-Jan-17 21:03:42

Hi, yes, the leather gel in the little glass jar. It was recommended to me by a mulberry sales assistant even though I wasn't buying a mulberry. She said that's what they recommend to customers. That's good enough for me!

AgathaMystery Sun 08-Jan-17 21:51:37

If the bag has denim transfer then you could try this:

Bu you could also buff it with colonil to give it a lovely burnished sheen.

Blingygolightly Sun 08-Jan-17 23:57:13

Absolutely colonil! I got it off amazon.

TheKrakenSmith Mon 09-Jan-17 02:31:14

I use Dr Martens wonder balsam on all of mine! Shoes, bags, boots, it just seems to work. Its a feed and a softner I think?

u32ng Sat 14-Jan-17 11:04:36

Hohumming - John Lewis sell the gel and 200ml spray.

Hohumming Sat 14-Jan-17 11:56:00

Thank you. I ordered from Amazon and it arrived during the week. I just need to find time to apply it now.

u32ng Thu 26-Jan-17 20:04:00

Hi! Do you know who you bought it from on Amazon? There are a few different companies selling so would appreciate a steer from someone who's been there

ChishandFips33 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:54:34

Yes please to a link on Amazon to the recommended Colonil products - I get confused by choice!

I've just used supermarket bought Sheraton leather balsam on an older Fossil bag that started to feel dry but not sure if the Colonil will be a better treat for it

I have DM Wonder Balsam and was tempted to use that as it brought my docs up like new but then chickened out

AuldAlliance Thu 26-Jan-17 21:06:21

The tip came from a very old leather craftsman, and is fab.
And cheap.

ChishandFips33 Thu 26-Jan-17 21:47:52

The blue pot of Nivea??

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