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Help, been ill for a month and look crap- important work meeting with ex next week

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Everstrong Fri 06-Jan-17 18:03:05

Title says it all really, I've been off work for over a month. I've lost (too much) weight through my illness and I look pale, gaunt and have terrible dark circles under my eyes.

I go back to work next Tuesday and on Wednesday have an important meeting which my pre-DH ex will be at (along with lots of other bods) He was always such a twat to me and this is the first time I've seen him in person even though it was 7 years ago.

So, I need to look slightly less like one of the living dead by Wednesday next week...any tips?!?!

SallyInSweden Fri 06-Jan-17 18:08:32

Loads of water, zero alcohol, loads of sleep.

Would there be time to get your hair blow brief on Wednesday morning/lunchtime?.

Also be Happy. He lives that life and won't be happy.

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 06-Jan-17 19:02:26

As well as the good advice above, personally I would throw products at the problem if you can. When I am ill my skin gets really dehydrated and grey, so masks are my friend. I would suggest:

Hydrating mask - the Origins Drinkup if you have it, or the sales assistants are usually happy to decant some into a wee pot to try
Brightening mask or treatment - I would use a layer of Clarins Beauty Flash balm as a mask for 15 minutes or so
Makeup - a rosy blusher and a bright lipstick, some sort of brightening powder
Hair - clean and shiny
Clothes - something you love and feel great in
Lovely perfume, whatever makes you feel kick ass

Softkitty2 Fri 06-Jan-17 20:09:23

Eat very healthily-loads of fruit and vegetables to get your radiance back through good skin, Water, sleep, hair wash and blowdry if you can.

Nicely fitted clothes you may need to shop as you have lost weight..

Make up.. Try an illuminating primer under your foundation for that subtle glow, concealer and just take the time to put on your make up.. If you get your eyebrows threaded and tinted make sure its done.


Shenanagins Fri 06-Jan-17 20:19:28

In addition to the above a good fake tan will do wonders.

ProjectGainsborough Fri 06-Jan-17 20:29:05

Colour correcter under concealer helps my awful under eyes.

Lisa Eldridge facial massage video made my skin look fab the morning after - know others that say the same.

And yy to blow drying hair - Either by yourself or at the hairdresser if the budgets can stand it.

Good luck! Hope you feel better soon

Everstrong Fri 06-Jan-17 20:31:23

Okay I've got the no alcohol bit nailed but I do need to drink more water- I'm living off tea and chocolate at the moment as I'm running on empty.

Getting hair cut tomorrow (it's been way too long, had to cancel the last appointment as was too poorly) and might manage to get my brows threaded too.

Sleep is a problem sad only getting 6 hours a night- I think that's what's making me look worst, my eyes look all dark and puffy.

Alorsmum Fri 06-Jan-17 21:11:36

Go for a run that morning for a healthy glow

retainertrainer Sat 07-Jan-17 11:13:50

Definitely a light tan-the dove gradual tan is fab,bourjouis healthy mix foundation on top and you'll be looking much more alive.

Laquila Sat 07-Jan-17 11:16:55

Confidence!! I know that's easier said than done when you feel like crap and are seeing an ex. Alternatively, Elemis Illuminating Radiance primer/moisturiser is bloody brilliant - I use it as a highlighter on cheekbones and eyes.

Everstrong Sun 08-Jan-17 12:32:42

Right I've stocked up on some moisturising sheet facial masks (to attempt to get some moisture back into my wrinkled forehead!) and I am going to drink as much water as I can.

May have slightly failed the alcohol bit half a bottle of wine last night

Flanderspigeonmurderer Sun 08-Jan-17 12:44:58

Some good make up, have you got time to pop to a make up counter today? I rate Bobbi Brown.

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