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Where can I find a nice pure cotton bra?

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getoffthesofa Fri 06-Jan-17 16:21:15

I have get recurring periductal mastitis, which seems to be made worse (v itchy nipples - TMI sorry) by my bras with lace, elastane, latex in the cups. But I can't seem to find any pretty simple pure cotton bras. I have been wearing bra tops, which while more comfortable don't give great shape. Ideally I would like an underwired cotton cup, but I am struggling to find anything.

The Cottonique ones look a bit grim and there do some to be some nice starter bras in cotton, but they don't go up to my size (36C). So any all recommendations welcome!

NewPantsforaNewYear Sun 08-Jan-17 03:40:23

This one might be possible

NewPantsforaNewYear Sun 08-Jan-17 03:49:45

Or this one

Toffeelatteplease Sun 08-Jan-17 10:24:41

Don't laugh but Primark do them! They are gorgeous and fantastically comfortable.

Will only last a year or too but at £2-3 a bra doesn't matter too much. 95% cotton in plain colours or unobjectionable patterns often with matching cotton knickers. Or plain black or white. Definately do a 36C. Lived in them for years.

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