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Wrap catalogue - anyone bought from there ?

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binker Wed 21-Feb-07 17:47:27

The clothes look really nice - has anyone bought anything from them - I'm thinking of trousers - my last things from Boden were disappointing in that the trousers were too baggy at the hips and my denim skirt had a weird zip which never stays up...I like the look of the sand coloured cords in Wrap - my favourite trousers are White Stuff calamity Janes which only seem to appear in the autumn/winter.

JackieNo Wed 21-Feb-07 18:06:10

I've only had one thing from there - a linen skirt that I bought maybe 2 or 3 summers ago, and which is still going strong, and I still love. I've ordered other things, and found that I didn't like the colours, or, in one instance, a skirt that looked quite straight in the catalogue was actually rather too a-line for me in rl. Not sure if that's really helpful...

binker Wed 21-Feb-07 18:11:58

mmm, do you think they are worth the money,generally ?

JackieNo Wed 21-Feb-07 18:16:53

Well, given that I have only got one garment to go on, I'm not exactly an expert . I think I'd say mostly yes, but some of it looks a bit overpriced (some of the t-shirts). Choose carefully, and you're probably OK.

binker Thu 22-Feb-07 08:23:29

thanks - will have a think !

Pannacotta Thu 22-Feb-07 10:11:08

Hi there, I bought some things from there a while back and had lots of probs. Some of the items were faulty and the customer service was appalling. I was so upset at how rude they were I did actually write and complain - but had a really snotty letter back. So not recommended by me at any rate!

binker Thu 22-Feb-07 15:11:37

Thanks panacotta - that's helpful - I think I might give them a miss - am a bit wary of trying new places like that (new to me anyway).

tracyk Thu 22-Feb-07 21:21:15

I bought a pair of wool trousers (machine washable) and they shrunk and ended up up thin and lifeless - and they were £89!

binker Sat 24-Feb-07 11:26:27

right,that's decided me ! thanks everyone !

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