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Boden's latest catalogue

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PollyPerky Thu 05-Jan-17 13:18:51

Is it just me or is it dire?

I can't see one thing I like except a jumper for £90 . There were a couple of sleeveless summer dresses on the preview but they aren't in the catalogue (yet) and have gone from the website as they are not out till April.

It's just same old, same old, and worse for us petites, the dresses are now knee length or below. I need a 36 inch length not 39!

honeylou42 Thu 05-Jan-17 15:23:55

Rubbish here too not one thing I liked .

polyhymnia Thu 05-Jan-17 15:31:21

I'm a Boden fan, so will order more of their trousers, which are pretty much my staples, and yet another casual jersey dress and yet another Breton stripe tunic, but alas none of the brand new stuff really does it for me this time.

Djangor Thu 05-Jan-17 15:32:48

Boden adult stuff hasn't fitted or suited me for years (I'm smallish & very curvy) but they do the occasional shirt that fits. This season they seem to have gone overboard with large prints - hard to imagine someone not looking like a circus tent in one dress. A lot of the shots have models in badly fitting clothes too - straining waistbands, gaping pockets etc. Mini Boden cataglogue really disappointing - usually like a lot of the boys stuff & get a few bits when there is a good discount, but most of this lot seems to be aimed at age 5 or under & along with the girls' stuff its very twee. Babies stuff is mainly grey which I particularly dislike for babies. They seem to have brought back the teenage range - Johnnie B but the girls stuff there looks twee too.

PollyPerky Thu 05-Jan-17 15:43:35

I agree. Trousers, maybe a plain top and a breton will do it for me.

I think if I saw half this stuff in F&F, Primark or M&S I'd walk by it- it's only their models and the copy that's selling it.

claptomania Thu 05-Jan-17 19:05:26

Agreed! It's all dreadful. Maybe one or two acceptable jumpers. What on earth are all those prints about?

boldlygoingsomewhere Thu 05-Jan-17 19:18:23

Far too many busy prints for me in this catalogue - did like the look of the cashmere jumpers but not sure they are worth £90...

PollyPerky Thu 05-Jan-17 20:11:47

It's the full flouncy skirts too- brings Kirsty Allsop to mind.

Ilovewillow Thu 05-Jan-17 20:12:48

I agree not great!

QueenoftheAndals Thu 05-Jan-17 20:18:59

I like a few of the dresses but a lot of it is a bit primary school teacher. And what's with the weird nautical print of what looks like war medals?

daisydalrymple Thu 05-Jan-17 20:22:35

I was pleased to see a couple of jumpers that fit what I've been struggling to find, but then I just wanted plain and simple v neck hip length semi fitted. I liked a couple of the jersey dresses for a simple day holiday outfit too.

WipsGlitter Thu 05-Jan-17 21:03:19

They also seem to have jacked the prices right up too.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Thu 05-Jan-17 21:07:59

It's the full flouncy skirts too- brings Kirsty Allsop to mind.

Isn't that what Boden is for?

jmszel Thu 05-Jan-17 21:11:56

I was a bit disappointed when it arrived today, didn't even think much of the mini boden book though my daughter saw a few items she would like. Usually its half the catalogue!

DubiousCredentials Thu 05-Jan-17 21:14:51

I quite liked the t shirt with tiny swans on but £28!? And the description online be said it was "the finest thinnest lightest cotton ever" or some shit like that so from that I can deduce that it will a) be crap and b) have holes in it after one wash.

I have ordered dd a pair of leggings with cats on though.

PollysPoppy Thu 05-Jan-17 22:26:38

It's awful and their Mini Boden offerings are also hugely disappointing.

CallarMorvern Thu 05-Jan-17 23:47:00

I can't afford Boden, only buy Johnnie B knicks for DD. But I love to browse the catalogue, which is currently sat in the porch waiting for me to have a spare half are all making me think that half hour could be better spent!

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Fri 06-Jan-17 07:17:06

I never buy much for me from there. I think it's too expensive. I've got a couple of pairs of trousers in my basket to try but one pair is from johnnie b so cheap. I do have £350 of stuff for DS (2.5) in my basket (after thinking I wasn't keen on this season!!)

PollyPerky Fri 06-Jan-17 08:40:54

For those who think Boden is too expensive if you take off 20% is it expensive?

I'm curious as to where you shop that's cheaper!

eg a £60 pair of trousers from Boden with 20% off brings them to under £50.

As a middle aged person who can't get away with 'tat' I don't know where else I'd get quality basics.

These are the other brands I look at and they are much more pricey:
The White Company
LK Bennett
Phase 8
French Connection
Ted Baker

I never see anything in M&S and am way past the offerings of D Perkins, H&M, New Look, etc.

So where DO you buy cheaper?

QueenoftheAndals Fri 06-Jan-17 09:07:38

I think some of it is expensive for what it is - jersey, ponte or knit dresses for £100-150, when none of these are particularly luxurious fabrics. On the other hand, the cashmere is fairly well-priced.

Itsautumn Fri 06-Jan-17 09:07:45

I didn't think much of the catalogue either. I was never that keen on the prints but you I always found their plain dresses and trousers useful for work. I'm also not keen on the quality lately. I bought some plain t shirts and the material is very thin.

PNGirl Fri 06-Jan-17 09:15:31

I only really wear jeans so a lot of my stuff is from GAP/Levi's but Uniqlo is an absolutely excellently priced place for basics, as is ASOS own brand. I also like to browse in Mango and Zara.
Boden is often thought of as overpriced rather than "expensive" as such.

PollyPerky Fri 06-Jan-17 09:58:37

I agree the dresses are overpriced for what they are. I rarely buy and if I do it's a summer one with a good discount. There is also a lot of polyester creeping in so even the T shirts are not always 100% cotton.

QueenoftheAndals Fri 06-Jan-17 10:07:57

I have a friend who works for them and can get me her discount but it's only 30%, which is a bit stingy for staff IMO. I've had friends who worked at brands like Hobbs and Jigsaw whose discount was at least 50%!

whataboutbob Fri 06-Jan-17 10:36:44

Pollyperky that s an excellent question. I am de boden ifying my wardrobe becauseI realised there was nothing from them I loved. It's not particularly well cut, sexy, or made with quality materials and for all their patriotic guff virtually none of it is made in the UK. Places I buy from are: uniqlo, Agnes b in the sales, comptoir des cotonniers in the sales ( good reductions now) and eBay for vintage Scottish knitwear. I.also do the charity shops.
As someone upthread said, they get by in large part because of the aspirational catalogue which flatters us that we are living the upper middle class dream.

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