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Help I need new shoes

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SkimbleshanksTheRailwayCat Thu 05-Jan-17 10:15:57

So I've had a pair similar to these for years but they are getting holey soles so I need new, stylish, work shoes.

I have size 8 feet and am very conscious about my feet appearing big. They are also wide, at least at the toes, so I can't wear anything vaguely pointy - even in wide fit. I prefer fairly flat and comfortable.

Help, please!

bettybookam Thu 05-Jan-17 15:08:47

Feel your pain. I'm also a 8 with wide feet so in winter I live In boots and summer its sandals with lots of sparkle or detail to take attention of the size lol..

But for work flats I also found these kind of shops to be quite good maybe there are some around you..
Tanya lee boutique online
New look

There all decent prices too so you can get a few and switch em up. Will be watching this post as I too struggle with this xx

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