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I've made a mistake with my new specs

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Juliecloud Thu 05-Jan-17 09:48:33

I've just got new glasses. I always like the look of the big, dark plastic frames but they never suit me so I normally get metal ones. However this time I saw a pair of light brown plastic ones that I thought were nice so I got them.

Now I've got home and I look like Deirdre from Corrie in the 80s.

I don't know what to do. I want to carry on wearing my old ones but my prescription has changed. Aggggghhhhhhh why did I choose these ones????

IHaveAToiletBrush Thu 05-Jan-17 09:52:17

Where were they from? Some places let you exchange if you are unhappy with the fit. Or if you go for a different frame which is smaller they can reshape the lenses you have in these glasses.

acornsandnuts Thu 05-Jan-17 09:59:01

It's worth asking. They might charge for reframing but better than them languishing in a drawer.

Can you post a photo. They mightn't look as bad as you think it may just be the complete change in style that's throwing you.

Juliecloud Thu 05-Jan-17 10:02:06

They're from spec savers. Do they let you change them?

Tikketyboo Thu 05-Jan-17 10:07:39

Specsavers have a 3 month no quibble no fuss warranty you can return and exchange them.

SapphireStrange Thu 05-Jan-17 10:15:03

Did you ask for advice from the shop staff when you picked them? IME opticians are always very helpful – they'll tell you what suits you, and won't hesitate to tell you the opposite either!

I'm sure they'll let you exchange them. You can tell them you think you look like Deirdre grin and let them help you find some that look better.

I went from very narrow 90s-architect type frames to rounder, bigger ones recently and it IS a bit of a shock to the system, but I had great help from the staff in my opticians and am confident (well I was...) that I didn't make a mistake.

Juliecloud Thu 05-Jan-17 10:30:08

I didn't get any advice, I tried on a few pairs and chose these myself.

Twolittlejobbys Thu 05-Jan-17 10:43:26

I did this exact same thing! In specsavers also. Apparently it's common for people to pick frames which suit them then look completely different when they have the lenses in. Take them back and make an appointment with a staff member to pick a new pair. I spent over an hour when I went back picking new ones and it's the longest I've ever taken as I also wanted a new look. They were absolutely brilliant

SapphireStrange Thu 05-Jan-17 10:59:30

Honestly, ask the staff for help.They do this all day long and they know what suits people and what doesn't. I always find them excellent, in whatever optician I go in.

Juliecloud Thu 05-Jan-17 11:03:56

Thank you, you've made me feel better. I'll see how I get on with them for the next couple of days then take them back if I really don't like them.

SapphireStrange Thu 05-Jan-17 13:00:47

Best of luck!

321zerobaby Thu 05-Jan-17 13:03:15

I've changed my glasses too, from Spec Savers, as they were too heavy, it wasn't a problem.

ilovecherries Thu 05-Jan-17 13:37:46

Spec savers are great if you don't like your specs. The problem is you can't really see what you look like in them till you have the prescription lenses in. Take them back and they will swap them.

youvegottobekidding Thu 05-Jan-17 14:13:01

I've changed mine at Specsavers before, no problem.

Juliecloud Sun 15-Jan-17 16:08:05

Update - they let me change them no problem smile

ilovecherries Sun 15-Jan-17 18:15:03

I love the customer service at Specsavers. I tried for years to support my local independent optician because I felt I should, then one day went to specsavers on holiday when I dropped my glasses and then stood on them, breaking the bridge. They were SO helpful, It was a complete revelation to me. I've used various branches ever since and twice they've changed frames when I realised once I could actually see myself, that I'd made a bad choice.

nebulae Sun 15-Jan-17 18:22:19

My only gripe with Specsavers is that they don't give you new frames. When you choose a pair they make up your glasses using the actual display pair you've tried on. This annoys me, I don't really want a pair that have been tried on by several dozen other people and dropped/trodden on/stretched etc. IMO they should give you a brand new pair from stock, not a display pair.

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