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What's Blinc Mascara Like?

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Aquamarine70 Thu 05-Jan-17 06:26:52

I am using a Kevin Aucoin mascara at the moment but wanted to give Blinc a try. I got s sample from Ebay but it was all dried up so I couldn't try it. Is it easily removed? Does it dry out fast?
I only want it for my bottom lashes as I have eyelash extensions.

CaroleService Thu 05-Jan-17 06:55:53

The gold Boots No. 6 one is just as good in my opinion, and cheaper.

CaroleService Thu 05-Jan-17 06:56:20

it is a tubing mascara like Blinc - washes off with warm water

Alexthekid Thu 05-Jan-17 06:59:12

I use it and I think it's great. I wouldn't go back now.
Comes off really easy at the end of the day when I wash my face with a face cloth.
It's different to normal mascara, it's almost rubbery, I have had a couple of occasions when I've had itchy eyes (allergies) and have given them a good vigorous rub and ended up with what looks like rubber spider legs on my cheeks!
But there's no problem day to day and it looks great

cathyandclare Thu 05-Jan-17 07:02:55

I find it very wet when it goes on, it works to define and darken and doesn't smudge but not as thickening/lengthening as the Aucoin tubing one or the Clinique one IMO

Aquamarine70 Thu 05-Jan-17 08:11:54

Thanks everyone. i'm in Australia so I can't get the Boots tubing one. I'll get my MiL to bring some out for me.
I found the Clinique one quite dry & bits flaked off.
I dont mind if the formula is wuite wet. I just want my bottom lashes darkened & defined. I will give it a try when my other one runs out.

Fuzzypeggy Thu 05-Jan-17 09:09:10

I think the blinc one is great, no smudges or anything, I cried through a funeral in it with no probs. Comes off very easily when you want it to though.

Gatekeeper Thu 05-Jan-17 09:11:34

I really didn't like it- looked and felt plasticy

auldfuckingspinster Thu 05-Jan-17 12:28:51

Never tried Blinc but Loreal Beauty Tubes mascara is great - the primer makes my wee stumpy lashes look like falsies.

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