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Help please! New clothes, no idea!

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Coffeeandafag Thu 05-Jan-17 03:51:16

I haven't bought new clothes for many years. Some of mine are decades old shock. I tend to live in comfortable, warm, outdoor type tops with skinny jeans and biker boots but am so fed up with looking frumpy and tired now.

The problem is I don't have a clue where to start. What labels to look at, what is fashionable, what I should go for. I'm 35 and size 12.

I'd be grateful for any advice from stylish/less clueless types!

BusterGonad Thu 05-Jan-17 08:48:27

A bit more info please! Who's fashion do you admire? Are you girly? Tomboy? In between? It's hard without any info!

whitesklyer Thu 05-Jan-17 08:54:59

Take a look on Pinterest Coffeeandafag. great for inspiration...

burnishedsilver Thu 05-Jan-17 09:16:40

The clothes industry has changed. There is very little out there, regardless of price, that will last for decades. Be prepared for a higher turnover.

BobbiPins Thu 05-Jan-17 09:19:02

OP, Your usual outfit (comfy top, skinny jeans and biker boots) sounds lovely and on trend! Maybe swap blue jeans for black coated jeans or leather, and add some trendy jewellery. Make sure all clothes fit you perfectly.

BobbiPins Thu 05-Jan-17 09:22:52

P.S. I'd start looking at H&M

Coffeeandafag Thu 05-Jan-17 10:53:49

Thank you! I'm really in no way on trend, believe me! Not girly, I like fat face, surf brands, hoodies and outdoor wear (work/live rurally). H&M is probably a good idea. What jeans are good? Is skinny still good? If not, what do I wear on my feet?!

BusterGonad Thu 05-Jan-17 15:14:35

I think well fitting skinnys will always be good, they go with most things, smart boots are great as is nice knitwear. Go shopping and try everything on, even if you don't think it'll suit. I've found my best items not thinking they'll look good.

BagelGoesWalking Thu 05-Jan-17 15:31:52

I don't like skinnies personally, I've been buying £14 Sainsbury's straight jeans. Very good fit for me and so cheap!

Look at jumpers in New Look - I've found a couple of good ones there this year and I never usually find stuff in NL. Relatively cheap and usually more online than in shops, especially smaller, local branches. Free returns. Something like this or this?

BusterGonad Thu 05-Jan-17 15:39:25

Op don't forget that now is a great time to shop with all the sales on! Straight leg jeans are lovely too.

Coffeeandafag Thu 05-Jan-17 21:29:08

Thanks for the links. I really like the first one, the second would look too smart for me, I'm too scruffy to wear it!

Please tell me what I wear on my feet with straight jeans, I've just won some on eBay!

BagelGoesWalking Fri 06-Jan-17 00:16:13

I've got that first jumper in brown and green and wear them all the time! Sadly, got them before the sale... They are just the right length on me.

I wear my straight jeans with ankle boots, these from Clarks in black and brown. I've seen them in a new dark plum colour as well. I find them so comfortable and wear them nearly every day.

BobbiPins Fri 06-Jan-17 03:25:00

Coffeeandafag, I think frumpy is more about hair, makeup and shoes, rather than clothes. If you have stylish shoes/boots on, and your hair and makeup are perfect, you can wear a sack and will still look chic IMHO.

Skinny jeans are still on, you can wear them with oversized cardigans. Blue distressed boyfriend jeans are also still on trend. Boyfriend or straight leg jeans tend to be rolled up to an ankle these days, otherwise they may look dated. The fashion industry seems to be pushing for 1970's look, bit the most popular jeans styles I see are still black skinny and distressed blue boyfriend jeans.

BobbiPins Fri 06-Jan-17 03:36:11

You can wear straight leg or boyfriend jeans with these boots

Coffeeandafag Fri 06-Jan-17 19:55:59

Ah, yes I've seen them rolled up. So they sort of sit on ankle height boots, neither over or in them?

I ought to start wearing makeup again too.

MrsDesperado Fri 06-Jan-17 21:53:13

This is what I would like to know too - so do you have a flash of cold leg showing between the top of your boot and the bottom of your Jean leg? And where do you hide your socks?

I'm also a scruff that has a similar style to you Coffee and I also haven't been shopping in ages. Planning to go this weekend though so I'll be watching this thread for inspiration.

Coffeeandafag Sat 07-Jan-17 06:24:04

Can you have a sock showing? I can't have a bare ankle in January, fashion or no!

Coffeeandafag Sat 07-Jan-17 06:25:57

Desperado I'm getting a few bits on eBay first to save money while I don't know what I'm doing! Good luck

MrsDesperado Sat 07-Jan-17 07:55:30

No, I don't fancy a bare hairy ankle showing in January, either!

That's a good idea coffee. I need to search on Pinterest for ideas before buying stuff I think, but don't know what to search for to get ideas a bit like what's shown above??

Coffeeandafag Sat 07-Jan-17 16:20:12

Don't ask me grin

I'm looking for brands like fat face or new look on eBay. It offers other suggestions then. Yes, cold hairy ankle, that would ruin the look!

BusterGonad Sat 07-Jan-17 17:56:12

Why don't you browse some clothes websites to get a feel of well put together outfits? Oasis is go to clothes shop. I'm obsessed with it!

Coffeeandafag Sun 08-Jan-17 07:33:45

Great advice so far, I'm feeling more confident that I'm not miles off! I've bought lots of tops/jumpers on eBay, and need some jeans now. What brand is worth looking? I'm size 12 and tall. I want skinny/straight jeans. I haven't had new jeans for years, last ones were matalan blush

This is fun now I've got started!

BusterGonad Sun 08-Jan-17 08:13:10

Topshop Jamie jean is lovely. River island Molly is also nice.

BobbiPins Sun 08-Jan-17 19:58:21

OP, of course exposing skin in cold temperatures would be silly. If it is really cold the best way is to wear tall winter boots and tuck the jeans in.
Same with the biker boots as they are quite wide on the top (see the picture in my first post above).

With ankle boots it depends on how wide your jeans are around the ankle. If the jeans are like leggins you can just tuck them in I think. If wider straight let or boyfriend then it will look better rolled up just to the level of the ankle boot top, so the gap in only a few mm, and wear plain dark socks underneath.

BobbiPins Sun 08-Jan-17 20:01:12

This link may be helpful (how to wear ankle boots with jeans)

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